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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release October 26, 1995
                               FACT SHEET

Saudia will purchase a total of 61 commercial airliners from Boeing and McDonnell Douglas.

From Boeing: Twenty-three 777s and five 747s

From McDonnell Douglas: Twenty-nine MD 90s and four MD 11s

Total value: $6 billion (approximate)

First delivery: 1997

The aircraft will be built in Washington state and California and will provide work for approximately 100,000 employees at Boeing, McDonnell Douglas and subcontractors throughout the U.S.

Major subcontractors include Pratt and Whitney in Connecticut and General Electric in Ohio which will build the needed engines.

Boeing and McDonnell Douglas operations in Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, and Utah will also derive substantial work from the deal.

Today's ceremony was attended by: Commerce Secretary Brown, the CEOs of Boeing, McDonnell Douglas, and General Electric.

Today's announcement reinforces the strong tradition of U.S. - Saudi cooperation in the field of civil aviation which is only one aspect of a special bilateral relationship dating from President Franklin Roosevelt's meeting with King Abdul Aziz bin Saud fifty years ago this year.