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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release March 23, 1994
                      WITH NATIVE AMERICANS 

President Clinton will hold an historic meeting with American Indian and Alaska Native tribal leaders at the White House April 29, as part of an ongoing effort to work with tribal nations in trying to develop a sound and responsive domestic policy. This is the first such meeting of all the federally recognized tribal leaders and a sitting President.

"I look forward to this historic meeting and to affirming our commitment to strengthening the Nation- to-Nation relationship we have with tribal governments," the President said.

As a demonstration of the President's commitment to American Indians, a White House liaison from the Office of Intergovernmental Affairs has spent the last year meeting with tribal leaders, tribal council members, the National Congress of American Indians, the Navajo Nation and tribal affiliated organizations representing Indian Country.

The President will host representatives from all federally recognized tribes, 545 in total. The meeting will provide an opportunity for tribal leaders to hear directly from the President about his administration's overall commitment to ensuring American Indian sovereignty and about how the Administration's domestic agenda impacts American Indians.