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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release January 12, 2001


President Clinton underwent his sixth physical examination today at Bethesda Naval Hospital. His personal physician, Navy internist Reare Admiral E. Connie Mariano, supervised the 3-hour visit.

A panel of both military and civilian physicians examined the President. The medical specialists included experts from the fields of ear/nose/throat, gastroenterology, allergy, dermatology, optometry, orthopedics/sports medicine, physical therapy, urology, and cardiology.

The President's weight remained unchanged from last exam at 214 pounds, which is in the normal range of 190-220 for a man of his height.

The President's vocal cords were examined and were found unchanged from previous exams. Specialists felt his recurrent bouts of hoarseness were due to reflux.

The President, age 54, had a recorded blood pressure of 136/84 and pulse of 60.

The President's high frequency hearing loss, which resulted in the recommendation of hearing aids in 1997, was evaluated with a hearing test. His audiogram demonstrated minimal change.

The dermatologist noted a small suspicious skin lesion on the back which was biopsied. Results will be reported next week.

The President's cholesterol was elevated at 233 with an elevated LDL of 177. Physicians prescribed medication to lower the President's cholesterol, in conjunction with diet.