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 Announces That Over 3.3 Million Children Are Enrolled; Urges States to
                             Finish the Job
                            January 6, 2001

Today, in his weekly radio address, President Clinton will announce that new state-reported data document that at least 3.3 million children are now enrolled in the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) -- a 70 percent increase over the 1999 level. To further increase enrollment, the President will unveil a set of regulations that promote outreach by allowing states to use information on school lunch applications to find uninsured children and to immediately enroll children in Medicaid and SCHIP at schools, child care referral centers and other convenient sites while their applications are formally processed. They also make it easier for states to help families enroll their children in private, employer-based insurance with SCHIP assistance. The President will urge states to adopt these new options without delay and finish the job of enrolling every eligible, uninsured child in Medicaid or SCHIP.

OVER 3.3 MILLION CHILDREN HAVE BEEN ENROLLED IN SCHIP. Today, the President will announce that 3.3 million children have enrolled in SCHIP over the past year -- a significant step towards his goal of covering 5 million uninsured children. Specifically, the new report shows:

MORE NEEDS TO BE DONE TO FINISH THE JOB. Millions of children remain uninsured, most of whom are eligible for Medicaid or SCHIP. Reasons why children remain uninsured include:

PRESIDENT CLINTON RELEASES REGULATIONS MAKING IT EASIER TO IDENTIFY AND ENROLL ELIGIBLE CHILDREN IN SCHIP. Today, President Clinton will announce the release of two new regulations: the final rule governing SCHIP and a rule implementing the new option to use school lunch program data to help enroll children in Medicaid. Among other things, these regulations:

BUILDS ON THE CLINTON-GORE ADMINISTRATION'S LONGSTANDING COMMITMENT TO CHILDREN'S HEALTH. President Clinton and Vice President Gore have a longstanding commitment to children's health. Because of the targeted Clinton-Gore coverage expansion strategy and a strong economy, the number of uninsured declined last year by 1.7 million, two-thirds of whom were children. The Clinton-Gore Administration launched a nationwide "Insure Kids Now" Outreach Campaign in 1998 that established a new toll-free number for children's health insurance outreach (1-877-KIDS NOW), which has received 447,000 calls through November 2000. This campaign also ran public service announcements on national television and radio; printed the Insure Kids Now toll-free number on commonly used products like grocery bags, toothbrushes, and diaper boxes; received a commitment from H&R Block to modify their tax software to alert families who appear to be eligible for SCHIP about the program in the upcoming tax season; a notice on letters from the Social Security Administration encouraging the 34 million parents and grandparents who receive Cost of Living Adjustments to learn more about SCHIP; and a promotion of the Insure Kids Now toll-free number in the U.S. Postal Service's moving guides. The President also created an Interagency Task Force on Children's Health Insurance Outreach and launched a back-to-school children's health outreach campaign that enlisted over 700 schools to conduct local outreach activities like signing up children on parents' nights. The Administration proposed and, with bipartisan Congressional support, passed an extension of a $500 million fund for outreach; a continuous eligibility option in Medicaid to prevent children from unnecessarily becoming uninsured; and greater options for presumptive eligibility. The Administration also is working with states to grant 1115 waivers to encourage innovation and allow states with extra SCHIP funds to cover uninsured parents as well as their uninsured children.

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