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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release January 5, 2001


The Presidential Decision Directive on CI-21: Counterintelligence for

the 21st Century

President Clinton signed a Presidential Decision Directive (PDD) entitled "U.S. Counterintelligence Effectiveness -- Counterintelligence for the 21st Century." The PDD outlines specific steps that will enable the U.S. counterintelligence (CI) community to better fulfill its mission of identifying, understanding, prioritizing and counteracting the intelligence threats faced by the United States. The system will be predictive, proactive and will provide integrated oversight of counterintelligence issues across the national security agencies.

Specifically, the PDD directs the following structure be established to continue the task of improving U.S. counterintelligence effectiveness:

Counterintelligence Board of Directors

NSC Deputies Committee

The National Counterintelligence Executive

The National Counterintelligence Policy Board

Office of the CI Executive

National CI Strategic Planning

National CI Strategic Analysis

National CI Program Budget and Evaluation

National CI Collection and Targeting Coordination

National CI Outreach, Watch and Warning Capability

In addition, the Office will develop policies for CI training and professional development for CI investigators, operators, and analysts. It will also develop and manage joint training exercises, and assess the need for a National CI Training Academy. Also, the CI Executive and the Office will have a Principal Legal Advisor who will ensure that all activities of the Executive and the office comport with the law, Executive Orders and Attorney General Guidelines. The Principal Legal Advisor will provide advice and counsel to the Executive and the Office regarding national security law issues. The Advisor will coordinate with the appropriate law enforcement, intelligence and defense agencies' General Counsels and Legal Advisors in providing legal advice, guidance and representation to the Executive and the Office.

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