Date: Tue, 2 Jan 2001 10:46 -0500
From: The White House <Publications-Admin@PUB.PUB.WHITEHOUSE.GOV> To: Subject: 2000-12-29 Members Named to the National Council on the Humanities Keywords: Alabama, Appointment, Arizona, California, Colorado, Culture,

          District-Of-Columbia, Economy, Education, Executive-Act,
          Florida, Foreign, Government, Healthcare, Illinois,
          Immigration, Indiana, Information-Policy,
          International-Security, Kansas, Maryland,
          Mid-Atlantic-Region, Midwest-Region, Minnesota,
          Mountain-States-Region, New-York, Oklahoma, Organization,
          Pennsylvania, Personnel, Plains-States-Region, Security,
          Social, Social-Values, South-Region, Tennessee, Texas,
          Washington, Welfare, West-Region

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