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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release December 29, 2000

     President Clinton today signed an Executive Order that will

strengthen the scientific research partnership between the Federal government and American universities. It establishes ten principles that will provide the basis for the development and analysis of future Federal policies, rules, and regulations for the research collaboration.

The compact between government and universities aimed at advancing science and technology in the national interest goes back well over a century, when the Land Grant universities were founded. In the last 50 years, this partnership has become the core of our world-class science and technology enterprise

"More than any other nation in the world, we rely on a partnership between our government and our public and private research universities to conduct research that improves our economy, health, and national security, while also training our future science and technology workforce," President Clinton said. "It is vital that this partnership be equitable and effective to sustain U.S. leadership across the frontiers of scientific knowledge."

President Clinton directed the National Science and Technology Council on April 27, 1999 to "develop a statement of principles that clearly articulates the roles, responsibilities, and expectations of each of the partners and establishes a framework for addressing future issues as they arise." The principles set forth by this Executive Order represent the first time that the basic goals and rationale of the partnership have been articulated to guide policy in a consistent way across all Federal agencies. Additionally, the Office of Science and Technology is required to consult with all stakeholders and conduct a regular review of the state of the partnership and make recommendations to ensure its continued vitality.