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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release December 15, 2000


Today I am allowing the U.S. International Trade Commission's exclusion order and cease and desist order regarding certain Brown & Williamson cigarettes (ITC Case Number 337-TA-424) to stand. Together with the legislation (Public Law 106-476) that I signed on November 9, 2000, these orders will ensure that no so-called "gray market" cigarettes are imported into the United States -- including not only the two brands covered under the ITC orders but all brands of gray market cigarettes as provided in the November legislation. In the same way that the report language for the November legislation made clear that it was in no way intended to alter current policies with respect to other gray market goods, I want to make clear that my allowing these orders to take effect should not be interpreted as setting a precedent for the treatment of other gray market goods.