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                     Office of the Press Secretary
                      (San Francisco, California)

For Immediate Release November 3, 2000


Today we received more good economic news for the American people. Our nation's unemployment rate has held steady at 3.9 percent -- the lowest in more than 30 years, and half of what it was in 1992.

The drop in Hispanic unemployment over the last eight years has been just as spectacular. Hispanic unemployment is at an all-time low of 5 percent, down from 11.8 percent in 1992. African-American unemployment remains at record lows. Wages and incomes for all Americans continue to rise across the board. More than 22 million new jobs have been created since Vice-President Gore and I came to office.

For nearly eight years, Vice President Gore and I have worked to maintain a course of fiscal discipline that has helped lead to the longest economic expansion in American history and put America on course to pay down the debt by 2012. This commitment has had tangible results. More Americans are working hard, creating opportunity, and reaching their dreams than ever before. Let's stay on this course of fiscal discipline and ensure that our children and their children enjoy even greater economic prosperity.