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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release October 12, 2000
        President Clinton Takes Action to Increase Opportunities
            For Hispanic Americans in the Federal Workforce

                            October 12, 2000

Today, President Clinton signed a new Executive Order to increase efforts to employ Hispanic Americans in the federal government. Building on the President's commitment to creating an Administration that reflects America's diversity and increasing prosperity for all Americans, this Order will improve government recruitment and career development of Hispanic Americans -- a group historically under-represented in the federal workforce.

TAKING ACTION TO IMPROVE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT RECRUITMENT OF HISPANIC AMERICANS. The Hispanic Employment in the Federal Government Executive Order, signed today by President Clinton, will improve efforts to increase federal employment of Hispanic Americans and build on the President's work to create a diverse Administration that looks like America. Specifically, through this Executive Order, the President will:

WORKING TO ENSURE THAT ALL AMERICANS SHARE IN OUR NATION'S PROSPERITY. President Clinton is committed to ensuring that all Americans participate in our nation's unprecedented prosperity, including benefiting from federal employment opportunities. Studies published by the Office of Personnel Management, the General Accounting Office and the Merit Systems Protection Board document that Hispanic Americans are under-represented in the federal government. Hispanic Americans represent 6.4 percent of the federal workforce and only 2.7 percent of the Senior Executive Service, despite the fact that they represent 11.4 percent of the U.S. labor force. To correct this historic under-representation, President Clinton is taking action to ensure that opportunities within the federal workforce are available to all Americans, including Hispanic Americans.

CREATING AN ADMINISTRATION THAT LOOKS LIKE AMERICA. President Clinton has appointed the most diverse Cabinet and Administration, with the most Hispanic American appointments and judicial nominees, in history: