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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release October 6, 2000


                            October 6, 2000

Today, President Clinton will sign a second Continuing Resolution to keep the government open and urge Congress to get down to work by passing a budget that addresses America's priorities. Last February, the President proposed a fiscally responsible budget that maintains America's prosperity by paying down the debt, providing targeted middle-class tax cuts and making key investments in improving education, promoting national security, protecting the environment, and fighting crime. Nearly one week into the new fiscal year, the Republican Congress has completed only three of 13 spending bills, but has managed to strip away critical legislation to outlaw hate crimes and gut the prescription drug import legislation. Meanwhile, Congress's deadline has been extended twice and Congress is loading spending bills with election-year projects for special interests. President Clinton will call on Congress to maintain our prosperity by passing a fiscally responsible budget that invests in key initiatives. He will also urge Congress to enact other important legislation to prevent hate crimes and address other priorities.

CONGRESS SHOULD PUT PROGRESS OVER PARTISANSHIP IN ADDRESSING AMERICA'S PRIORITIES. President Clinton will do his part to avoid a government shutdown by signing a second Continuing Resolution to fund government operations while Congress finishes the budget. He will call on Congress to complete its work and pass a budget that funds important national initiatives, including:

GETTING RESULTS BY PUTTING PROGRESS OVER PARTISANSHIP. This year, Congress and the President have succeeded whenever they have sat down to work together and emphasize policy, not politics. By working together, we are:

PRESIDENT CLINTON WILL ALSO CALL ON CONGRESS TO COMPLETE OTHER UNFINISHED BUSINESS. Congress should not adjourn without passing legislation on key American priorities. In addition to passing the remaining spending bills, President Clinton will call on Congress to: -- Pass meaningful hate crimes legislation; -- Increase the minimum wage by $1 over two years; -- Provide an affordable, accessible, and voluntary prescription drug benefit option for all Medicare beneficiaries; -- Enact a real Patients' Bill of Rights; -- Approve common-sense gun safety legislation; -- Reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act; -- Reauthorize the Corporation for National Service Act; -- Pass the Breast Cancer and Cervical Treatment Act; and -- Reform immigration law to treat immigrants more fairly.

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