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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release Septemebr 21, 2000
               President Clinton and Vice President Gore:
     A Record of Leadership in Electronic Government and Technology
                           September 21, 2000

President Clinton and Vice President Gore have used the power of the Internet to cut red tape and make government more responsive to the needs of citizens. Today, as a result of the President and Vice President's leadership, every Cabinet department has a web site to make information and services available to the American people at the touch of a button. Small businesses can get information on loans, parents can find information about financial aid, and taxpayers can file their taxes and find answers to their questions -- all on government web sites. With the launch of FirstGov, all of the government's online resources will be available and searchable at a single website. This new site builds on the Clinton-Gore Administration's record of leadership in expanding electronic government and fostering the growth of technology. As the first Administration of the Internet Age, President Clinton and Vice President Gore have worked to expand the use of technology in schools, to bridge the digital divide and make technology available for all Americans, to promote electronic commerce, and accelerate research and development that will help create more high-paying jobs in the future.

LEADERSHIP TO CONNECT CHILDREN TO THE FUTURE President Clinton and Vice President Gore have fought for investments in technology training for teachers, modern computers in the classroom, and high-quality education software. Technology in the classroom can make it easier for parents and teachers to communicate, prepare our children for the high-tech workplace of the 21st century, and help improve student performance in all academic subjects. As a result of the Clinton-Gore educational technology initiative:

Currently, 80 percent of households with an income of $75,000 or above have computers, compared to 16 percent of households earning $10,000 - $15,0000. In addition to ensuring that all schools and libraries are connected to the Internet, President Clinton and Vice President Gore have also taken other steps to bridge the digital divide and create new opportunity for all Americans:

Electronic commerce is making it easier for small businesses to reach hundreds of millions of customers around the world. For consumers, e-commerce can mean more choice, greater convenience, customized products, and lower prices. President Clinton and Vice President Gore have pursued a policy that allows electronic commerce to flourish by eliminating unnecessary government regulations and relying on private sector leadership whenever possible. The Administration has made significant progress on many of its top e-commerce priorities:

Today's Internet is an outgrowth of U.S. government-funded research in the late 1960s (the ARPANET). To maintain America's technological edge, it is critical that the government increases investment in long-term research. That's why President Clinton and Vice President Gore have fought for the "Next Generation Internet" - which is connecting universities and national labs at speeds that are 1,000 times faster than today's Internet. The FY 2001 budget invests $2.3 billion in the Information Technology R&D program, which includes $89 million for the Next Generation Internet. Every budget the Clinton-Gore Administration has submitted to Congress has increased investments in research and deployment, helping to develop the ideas that will be reflected in productivity growth for decades to come.


FIRSTGOV STRENGTHENS AMERICANS' CONNECTION TO GOVERNMENT Today, exactly 90 days after his Web address announcement, the President is launching FirstGov, a single point-of-entry to one of the largest and most useful collection of web pages in the world. This cutting-edge site will bring government closer to the American people, expanding the reach of democracy and making government more responsive to citizens. The FirstGov website will:

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