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Office of the Vice President

For Immediate Release September 19, 2000
                         ON THE PASSAGE OF PNTR

     Trade has been an important part of our economic expansion and

prosperity. Open markets spur innovation, speed the growth of new industries and make our businesses more competitive. Today's action by the Senate will mean more good jobs for American workers and more opportunities for American farmers and businesses. It will also promote America's security because bringing China into the global trading system will help accelerate the rule of law in that country.

Passage of PNTR is important for our economy and our security, but it is only part of what we must do to assure that America's workers and interests will fully benefit from the global economy. We must combat unfair trade practices abroad when they harm our working families. We must also be vigilant in monitoring China's record on human and worker rights, non-proliferation, and protection of the environment.