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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release June 29, 2000


I am pleased that the House passed with overwhelming support my emergency funding request for a range of essential and time-sensitive needs. It has been four months since I first sent this request to Capitol Hill and the needs are all the greater today.

With this funding, we will be able to support the courageous anti-drug efforts of Colombia which can, in turn, help curb the flow of drugs in our nation; we will help build homes for those still deprived of permanent housing by Hurricane Floyd; we will have funds available for low-income Americans to pay for home cooling in the event of a dangerous summer heat wave; and we will provide support for our troops and efforts to build stability in Kosovo.

I am also pleased that Congress has, at our urging, dropped several deeply problematic anti-environmental riders along with the tobacco rider which would block Federal government litigation against tobacco companies to recover costs to taxpayers of smoking related illnesses.

While it contains certain flaws, in total this bill will make our nation safer and more secure by meeting essential and long-overdue needs at home and abroad.