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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release June 21, 2000
                     FOR THE NATIONAL SPELLING BEE

THE PRESIDENT: I'm glad to have this opportunity to welcome all of you to Washington, and to the 73rd Annual National Spelling Bee.

In 1961, when I was about your age, President Kennedy said we should think of education as a private hope and dream, which fulfilled can benefit everyone and strengthen our nation. That's even more true today. Your long list of accomplishments, uncommon dedication and commitment to learning will serve as a lifelong asset to you and to your communities.

Regardless of who wins today, you should all be proud of your achievements. You've come a long way. So I join your parents and your teachers in congratulating you. Your commitment to excellence spells success in the years ahead, not just for you, but for all America.

Thank you, and good luck today.