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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release June 12, 2000

June 9, 2000


SUBJECT:      Actions to Further Improve the Management of
              Federal Human Resources

The Federal Government's most valuable resource is the talented and diverse group of men and women who work every day to make a difference in the lives of the American people they serve. Effective management of this workforce is critically important to accomplishing your agencies' varied missions and continuing toimprove service.

My Administration has made a significant commitment to achieving the highest standards of human resources management and accountability for the American people -- but more can be done. To continue to improve Government services, we must (1)recognize and reinforce the critical role human resources management plays in achieving each agency's mission andstrategic planning goals, and (2)maintain and strengthen our vision of a diverse Federal workforce that is skilled, flexible, and focused on results and service.

To achieve these goals, I direct the heads of each executive department and agency to take appropriate action to:

--fully integrate human resources management into your agency's planning, budgeting, and mission evaluation processes, and clearly state specific human resources management goals and objectives in your organization's strategic and annual performance plans;

--renew your commitment to recruit, develop, and manage your workforce to ensure high performance; provide for the continued development of a highly competent corps of human resources management professionals to assist agency line managers in ensuring the most effective use of their workforce to accomplish the agency mission.

To reflect the essential role of effective human resources management in achieving agency missions, the Interagency Advisory Group of Federal Personnel Directors, established in 1954, will be redesignated as the Human Resources Management Council. This Council will continue to:

The Council shall continue to be chaired by the Director of OPM or the Director's designee and shall continue to include the senior human resources management official (or designee) from each executive department or agency, including military departments and defense agencies, and other members as proposed by the Chair. Within 30 days of the issuance of this memorandum, the Director of OPM shall officially redesignate the Interagency Advisory Group of Personnel Directors as the Human Resources Management Council.

Beginning on October 1, 2000, and annually thereafter, agency heads shall ensure that human resources management objectives and means to accomplish these objectives are incorporated in their Annual Performance Plans. The Office of Management and Budget, inconsultation with OPM, will provide the guidance for this requirement as part of its overall guidance on Annual Performance Plans.


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