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Office of the Vice President

For Immediate Release May 29, 2000
                        OF OUR NATION'S VETERANS

     Elizabeth, PA--In a salute to the nation's veterans, Vice President

Gore participated today in a Memorial Day wreath laying ceremony honoring the sacrifices and contributions of American soldiers who have died while providing peace, freedom and prosperity to the world. The Vice President used his remarks to reflect on his own military experience and the responsibility he felt to serve.

"What we honor today is the highest form of service -- the selflessness and sacrifices of those who for two centuries have answered the call, and whose graves are everywhere in this country and all around the world they have helped to save." Vice President Gore said. "I know that my service doesn't match that of the heroes we honor today. I was an army reporter, and when I went out into the field, I carried both a pencil and an M-16. I was not eager to go to Vietnam. But, I enlisted because I felt a responsibility to serve.

In his remarks, Vice President Gore challenged the more than 200 ceremony participants to embrace the struggles of history that have unleashed the numerous rights to freedom Americans experience today.

"You do not have to be a veteran to recognize that America is the land of the free, because our men and women in uniform have made it the home of the brave. On this Memorial Day, let us remember that the liberty they fought for is not a destination, but a never ending journey," Vice President Gore said.

The Vice President was introduced Bob Delabar, who was stationed with him at Fort Rucker, Alabama and later served with him in Vietnam.