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Office of the Vice President

For Immediate Release May 27, 2000
                        AMERICA'S MILITARY FORCE

     West Point, NY--Drawing on his own military experience today at

West Point's commencement ceremony, Vice President Gore outlined the challenges the next generation of leaders will face in a Global Era. The Vice President used his address to reassert the need for improving the quality of life for soldiers and advancing the U.S. arms control agenda.

"The new contours of this Global Age are a another great force that will affect your careers. And as you lead our armed forces, you deserve a clear strategic vision that is suited for a new time," Vice President Gore said. "In the Global Age, even the most distant problems can arrive on our doorstep. New forces can challenge the international order, raise issues of peace and war, and affect the basic safety and security of Americans at home and abroad."

In his remarks to students, parents, and teachers, Vice President Gore reaffirmed his commitment to the Administration's efforts to increase pay and improve the quality of life of soldiers, while modernizing equipment and advancing war-fighting doctrines of men and women serving in America's armed forces.

"Our Armed Forces will always be the power behind America's promise. You will be the ones to open the new avenues to peace, and close the gates against war," Vice President Gore said. "I know that you are more than equal to that high standard and will lead with strength, with bravery, and with a tireless will to defend the land you love."