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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release May 22, 2000



The Vice President and Mrs. Gore

Mr. Thabo M. Mbeki; President of the Republic of South Africa Mrs. Zanele Mbeki; Wife of the President of the Republic of South Africa Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma; Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Jeff T. Radebe; Minister of Public Enterprises Mr. Alec Erwin; Minister of Trade and Industry Ms. Ivy Matsepe-Casaburri; Minister of Posts, Telecommunications and Broadcasting HE Sheila Sisulu; Ambassador of the Republic of South Africa to the United States
Rev. Frank Chikane; Director General, Office of the President Mr. Moss Ngoasheng; Economic Adviser to the President Mr. Titus Mafolo; Policy Adviser to the President Advocate Mojanku Gumbi; Legal Adviser to the President Mr. Sipho M. Pityana; Director General, Department of Foreign Affairs Mr. Andile Ngcaba; Director General, Department of Communications Mr. Jerry M. Matsila; Deputy Director General for Europe and the Americas, Department of Foreign Affairs
Amb. Billy Modise; Chief of Protocol
Mr. Ndumiso N. Ntshinga; Chief Director of the Americas, Department of Foreign Affairs
Ms. Thami Ngwevela; Consul General in New York Mr. M. Nkosi; Director of the Director's Office, Department of Foreign Affairs

Ms. Karen R. Adler; Consultant

Mr. Laurence Greenwald; Attorney, Strooch, Strooch and Lavan

Mrs. Shahara Ahmad-Llewellyn; Vice Chair, Philadelphia Coca-Cola Bottling Company

Mr. J. Bruce Llewellyn; Chairman, Philadelphia Coca-Cola Bottling Company

Hon. Madeleine K. Albright; Secretary of State

Ms. Alice P. Albright (daughter)

Mrs. Margo Alexander; Chairman and CEO, Mitchell Hutchins Asset Management, Paine Webber

Mr. Robert Alexander; President, Alexander and Associates

Dr. Drew E. Altman; President and CEO, The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

Ms. Pamela Koch

Hon. J. Brady Anderson; Administrator, Agency for International Development

Mrs. Betty Wray Anderson

Vice Admiral Robert Claude Simpson Anderson; Chief of the South African Navy

Republic of South Africa Business Delegation

Mr. Coleman Andrews; Republic of South Africa Business Delegation

Hon. Dennis W. Archer; Mayor of Detroit, Michigan

Hon. Trudy Duncombe Archer; Judge, 36th District Court, Detroit, Michigan

Hon. Bruce Babbitt; Secretary of the Interior

Hon. Harriet Babbitt; Deputy Administrator, United States Agency for International Development

Hon. David J. Barram; Administrator, United States General Services Administration

Mrs. Joan Barram

Mr. Thomas Barry; COO, Telkom South Africa

Mrs. Terri Barry

Hon. Charlene Barshefsky; United States Trade Representative

Mr. Edward Cohen; Deputy Solicitor, Department of the Interior

Hon. Dick J. Batchelor; Dick Batchelor Management Group

Mrs. Andrea Batchelor

Mr. Harry Belafonte; Artist

Mrs. Julie Belafonte

Hon. Samuel R. Berger; Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs

Mrs. Susan Berger

Mr. Peter Biehl; Co-Founder, Amy Biehl Foundation

Mrs. Linda Biehl; Co-Founder, Amy Biehl Foundation

Mr. Theodore Bikel; Actor, Musician and President of the Associated Actors and Artistes of America

Mr. Jack Golodner; President, Department of Professional Employees, AFL-CIO

HRH Prince Bandar bin Sultan; Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to the United States

Hon. Charles Brain; Assistant to the President and Director of Legislative Affairs

Mrs. Maureen Brain

Ms. Donna Brazile; Campaign Manager, GORE 2000

Mr. Howlie Davis; Vice President, CH2M HILL COMPANIES

Hon. (Sen.) John Breaux; D/Louisiana

Mrs. Lois Breaux

Hon. Charles Burson; Assistant to the President and Chief of Staff and Counselor to the Vice President

     Mrs. Bunny Burson; Special Assistant to the Assistant Secretary for
     Public and Intergovernmental Affairs, Department of Veterans Affairs

Hon. William C. Campbell; Mayor of Atlanta, Georgia

Mrs. Sharon Campbell; Coordinator of Parent and Community Support, Atlanta Public Schools

Mr. Jonathan Todd Capehart; New York Daily News Editorial Board

Ms. Margaret C. Hunt; Registered Nurse (mother)

Hon. (Rep.) Benjamin Cardin; D/Maryland

Mrs. Myrna Cardin

Hon. Cheryl Carter; COO, L.A. Convention 2000

Mr. Thomas Carter; President, Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz

Dr. Joan Challinor; Vice Chair, United States National Commission on Libraries and Information Science

Dr. David Challinor; Scientist Emeritus, The Smithsonian Institution

Mr. James Chiweshe; Safika Technologies, Republic of South Africa Business Delegation

Hon. (Rep.) Donna Christian-Christensen; D/United States Virgin Islands

Mr. Christian Christensen; Retired Military Officer

Hon. (Rep.) James E. Clyburn; D/South Carolina

Mrs. Emily England Clyburn

Mr. Larry L. Cockell; Assistant Director, United States Secret Service

Mrs. Pamela Rachal Cockell

Hon. William S. Cohen; Secretary of Defense

Mrs. Janet Langhart Cohen

Mrs. Betty Currie; Personal Secretary to the President

Hon. William M. Daley; Secretary of Commerce

Hon. Ronald V. Dellums; President, Healthcare International Management Company and

     Chair, Presidential Advisory Council on HIV and AIDS
     Mrs. Cynthia L. Dellums; President and CEO, Ronald V. Dellums


Hon. David N. Dinkins; Professor, Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs and 106th Mayor of New York City

Mrs. Joyce Dinkins

Dr. Ronald I. Dozoretz; Chairman and CEO, FHC Health Systems

Mrs. Beth Dozoretz

Hon. J. Terry Edmonds; Assistant to the President and Director of Speechwriting

Mrs. Antoinette Edmonds

Hon. (Sen.) Russell Feingold; D/Wisconsin

Mrs. Mary Feingold

Mr. Frank Ferrari; Vice President, Pro Ventures, Republic of South Africa Business Delegation

Mr. Gerrit Ferreira; RMB, Republic of South Africa Business Delegation

Hon. C. Virginia Fields; President, Borough of Manhattan

Mr. R. Keith Walton; The Secretary, Columbia University (guest)

Hon. (Rep.) Harold E. Ford, Jr.; D/Tennessee

Ms. Dana Baxter (guest)

Hon. Johnny Ford; Alabama State Representative and Founder of the World Conference on Mayors, Inc.

Mrs. Romanita Ford; State Health Planner, Alabama State Health Planning Agency

Mr. Morgan Freeman; Actor

Ms. Donna Lee; Publicist for Mr. Morgan Freeman (sister-in-law)

Hon. Mary Mel French; Chief of Protocol, United States

Mrs. Demetra Judy Green; Vice President, People for the American Way (guest)

Hon. (Sen.) William H. Frist; R/Tennessee

Mrs. Karyn M. Frist

Hon. Leon Fuerth; National Security Advisor to the Vice President

Mrs. Lynn Fuerth

Mr. Willie E. Gary; Senior Partner

Gary, Williams, Parenti, Finney, Lewis, McManus, Watson and Sperando

Mrs. Gloria Royal Gary

Hon. Daniel R. Glickman; Secretary of Agriculture

Mrs. Rhoda Glickman

Ms. Sandra Jane Gordon; Sasani Ltd., Republic of South Africa Business Delegation

Mr. Rudolf Gouws; RMB, Republic of South Africa Business Delegation

Dr. Earl Graves, Sr.; Chairman and CEO, Earl G. Graves, Ltd. and Publisher, Black Enterprise Magazine

Mrs. Barbara Graves

Mr. Ernest G. Green; Chairman, African Development Foundation and

     Managing Director, Lehman Brothers
     Mrs. Phyllis Green

Dr. Samson Makhudu Gulube; Medical Research Council, Republic of South Africa Business Delegation

Mrs. Lilibet Hagel (spouse of Hon. (Sen.) Chuck Hagel)

Mrs. Noel Ziller Smith; Oakton, Virginia (sister)

Ms. Tracey T. Hampton; Robany, Incorporated

Mr. Mitchell J. Stein; Director, (guest)

Mr. Rusty Harmon; Manager for Darius Rucker and Hootie and the Blowfish

Mr. Richard Noel Gusler; Attorney for Hootie and the Blowfish (guest)

Ms. Barbara Harrison; Anchor, NBC 4 Washington

Mr. John Pyles; President, Pyles Development Corporation

Mr. Chick Harrity; Chief Photographer, U.S. News and World Report Magazine

Ms. Yvonne Henry

Hon. (Rep.) Alcee L. Hastings; D/Florida

Ms. Beverly Falby; Foreign Policy Advisor to Hon. (Rep.) Alcee L. Hastings (guest)

Hon. (Sen.) Orrin Hatch; R/Utah

Mrs. Elaine Hatch

Hon. Alexis Herman; Secretary of Labor

Dr. Charles L. Franklin; General Practitioner

Rev. Benjamin Hooks; President, National Civil Rights Museum

Mrs. Frances Hooks

Hon. (Rep.) Amo Houghton; R/New York

Mrs. Priscilla Houghton

Mrs. Charlayne Hunter-Gault; Johannesburg Bureau Chief, CNN

Mr. Ronald Gault; Managing Director, JP Morgan Bank, South Africa

Mr. Eugene Jackson; World African Network

Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr.; Founder and President, Rainbow/PUSH Coalition and the

President's Special Envoy for the Promotion of Democracy and Human Rights in Africa

Ms. Jacqueline Lavinia

Dr. Irwin Jacobs; CEO, Qualcomm Inc.

Mrs. Joan Jacobs

Hon. Charlene Drew Jarvis; Chair Pro Tempore, Council of the District of Columbia

Mr. Ernest Drew Jarvis, Jr.; Insignia/ESG (son)

Hon. (Rep.) William J. Jefferson; D/Louisiana

Dr. Andrea Jefferson; Southern University at New Orleans

Hon. Ben Johnson; Assistant to the President and Director of the President's Initiative for One America

Mrs. Jacqueline L. Johnson

Hon. (Rep.) Eddie Bernice Johnson; D/Texas

Mr. Thomas Henderson; Former Dallas Cowboy (guest)

Mr. Robert L. Johnson; Chairman and CEO, Black Entertainment Television

Mrs. Sheila Crump Johnson; Executive Vice President of Corporate Affairs

Black Entertainment Television

Hon. William A. Johnson, Jr.; Mayor of Rochester, New York

Mrs. Sylvia McCoy Johnson; Assistant United States Attorney, Western District of New York

Ms. Linda Johnson Rice; President and COO, Johnson Publishing Company, Inc.

Mr. Mel Farr, Sr.; Owner, Mel Farr Automotive Groups (guest)

Mr. Anthony L. Jones; President and CEO, Tonya, Incorporated

Mrs. Lisa Jones; Vice President of Finance, Tonya, Incorporated

Hon. Daryl Jones; Florida State Senator

Mrs. Myoushi Jones

Mr. Peter Kadzik; Partner, Dickstein, Shapiro, Morin and Oshinsky

     Ms. Amy Weiss; Senior Vice President of Communications
     Recording Industry Association of America (guest)

Mr. Chu-Cheng Kan; Mustek Ltd., Republic of South Africa Business Delegation

Mrs. Ethel S. Kennedy

Mr. Maxwell Kennedy; The Watershed Institute (son)

Mrs. Patricia Kenner; Vice President, Campus Coach Lines

Mr. Jeffrey Kenner; President, Kenner and Company Investments

Hon. (Rep.) Carolyn C. Kilpatrick; D/Michigan

Mr. John Hunt (guest)

Mr. Lenny Kravitz; Musician

Hon. Robert D. Kyle; Associate Director for National Security and International Affairs

     Office of Management and Budget
     Ms. Kathryn Fulton

Hon. Anthony Lake; Georgetown University

Ms. Carolyn Lamm; Senior Partner, White and Case

Mr. Peter Halle; Senior Partner, Morgan, Lewis and Bockius

Hon. Robert Lawrence; Member, Council of Economic Advisers

Ms. Nicole Reindorf; Independent Television Producer

Mr. Emmanuel Lediga; Legae Securities, Republic of South Africa Business Delegation

Mr. Spike Lee; Director, Producer and Screenwriter

Mrs. Tonya Lewis Lee

Hon. Delano E. Lewis; American Ambassador to the Republic of South Africa

Mrs. Gayle Lewis

Mr. Edward Lewis; Chairman and CEO, Essence Communications, Inc.

Ms. Nicole Wright; Essence Communications (daughter)

Hon. (Rep.) John Lewis; D/Georgia

Hon. Reta Lewis; Partner, Greenberg Traurig

Mr. Carlton Lewis; President, DevCorp

Mr. Chris Liebenberg; NEDCOR, Republic of South Africa Business Delegation

Mr. Michael Chin-Hsuan Lin; Standard Textile Company/Ten Sportswear

Republic of South Africa Business Delegation

Hon. Mark Lindsay; Assistant to the President for Management and Administration

Mrs. Carla Lindsay; Booz-Allen & Hamilton Incorporated

Mr. C. Payne Lucas; President, Africare, Inc.

Dr. Freddie Hill Lucas; President, Lodestar, LLC

Mr. William Lucy; President, Coalition of Black Trade Unionists

Ms. Benita Lucy (daughter)

Mr. Bill Lynch, Jr.; President, Bill Lynch Associates, LLC and Vice Chair, Democratic National Committee

Mrs. Mary Lynch

Mr. Lesley Maasdorp; Deputy Director General, Public Enterprises

Republic of South Africa Business Delegation

Mr. Vincent Mai

Mrs. Anne Mai

Mr. Theodore R. Mann; Israel Policy Forum

Mrs. Rowena Mann

Hon. Sylvia Mathews; Assistant to the President and

     Deputy Director of the Office of Management and Budget
     Mr. David Lane; Chief of Staff to the Secretary of Commerce (guest)

Mr. Dave Matthews; Dave Matthews Band

Mrs. Val Matthews (mother)

Ms. Jane Mayer; Washington Correspondent, The New Yorker Magazine

Mr. William Hamilton; National Editor, The Washington Post

Hon. H. Carl McCall; Comptroller, State of New York

Dr. Joyce F. Brown; President, Fashion Institute of Technology

Ms. Judith A. McHale; President and COO, Discovery Communications, Inc.

Mr. Michael O'Halloran

Hon. (Rep.) Gregory Meeks; D/New York

Mrs. Simone-Marie Meeks

Rev. James Trent Meeks; Vice President, Rainbow/PUSH Coalition

Mrs. Jamell Meeks; Salem Baptist Church of Chicago

Hon. Kweisi Mfume; President, NAACP

Ms. D'Andrea Lancelin; Director to the Board of Public Works, State of Maryland (guest)

Hon. Edward Miller; Member, Democratic National Committee of Texas

Mrs. Dorothy Miller

Mr. Donald Mncube; Real Africa Investments, Republic of South Africa Business Delegation

Hon. Minyon Moore; Assistant to the President and Director of Political Affairs

Mr. David Mercer; President, Mercer and Associates (guest)

Mr. Aboobaker Moosa; Avalon, Republic of South Africa Business Delegation

Mr. Leepile Benjamin Mophatlane; Republic of South Africa Business Delegation

Advocate Kgomotso Ditsebe Moroka; State Information Technology Agency

Republic of South Africa Business Delegation

Mr. Lewis Moye, Jr.; President, St. Louis Chapter of the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists and

     Member, United Auto Workers Local 110
     Mrs. Ann Moye

Hon. (Rep.) Eleanor Holmes Norton; D/District of Columbia

Mr. John H. Norton; ABC Sports (son)

Hon. (Rep.) Donald Payne; D/New Jersey

Ms. Denise Banks; Department of Agriculture (guest)

Mr. Abdul Kadar Peer; L A Group, Republic of South Africa Business Delegation

Mr. Michael Perik; Chairman, Skill

Mrs. Elizabeth Perik; Director, Boys and Girls Club of Boston, Massachusetts

Mr. Ugaraja Pakkirj Pillay; Coastal Group Ltd., Republic of South Africa Business Delegation

Hon. John Podesta; Chief of Staff to the President

Mrs. Mary Podesta

Mr. Awadagin Pratt; Concert Pianist

Ms. Anna Weyden; Honolulu Symphony Associates (guest)

Mr. Hugh B. Price; President and CEO, National Urban League

     Mrs. Marilyn Price; Senior Operations Associate
     Manpower Demonstration Research Corporation

Mrs. Alice Pushkar; Special Assistant to the President and Director of First Lady's Correspondence

Mr. Raymond Pushkar; Partner, McKenna and Cuneo

Hon. Mary Molly Raiser; Former Chief of Protocol, United States

Mr. Mashudu Ramano; African Harvest, Republic of South Africa Business Delegation

Dr. Mamphela Ramphele; Managing Director, World Bank

Hon. (Rep.) Charles Rangel; D/New York

Mrs. Alma Rangel

Mr. Sello Rasethaba; State Information Technology Agent, Republic of South Africa Business Delegation

Hon. Janet Reno; Attorney General of the United States

Hon. Susan Rice; Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs

Mr. Ian Cameron; Producer, ABC News

Hon. William Richardson; Secretary of Energy

Mrs. Barbara Richardson

Mr. Leonard Robinson, Jr.; President, The National Summit on Africa

Ms. Shala Davoudi; President, Elite Reprographics (guest)

Mr. Albert Roker, Jr.; NBC Today Show Weatherman

Ms. Deborah Roberts; ABC News Correspondent

Ms. Sonya Ross; White House Reporter, Associated Press

Mr. Bruce Walker; Attorney, United States Coast Guard (guest)

Hon. (Rep.) Edward Royce; R/California

Mrs. Marie Royce; Vice President, Marriott International

Dr. Howard Rubin; CEO, Rubin Systems, Inc. and

Chair, Department of Computer Science, Hunter College of the City University of New York

Ms. Roslyn Docktor; Vice President, McConnell International (guest)

Mr. Darius Rucker; Artist

Ms. Beth Leonard (guest)

Hon. Mara Rudman; Deputy Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs

Mr. Robert Tyrer; Chief of Staff to the Secretary of Defense (guest)

Ms. April Ryan; White House Correspondent, American Urban Radio Network

Mr. Tennie James; Vice President of Investment Management Division, Summit Bank

Hon. David Satcher; Assistant Secretary for Health and United States Surgeon General

Mrs. Nola Satcher; Poet

Mr. Frank Savage; Chairman, Alliance Capital Management International

Mrs. Lolita Valderrama Savage; International Artiste

Hon. Donna E. Shalala; Secretary of Health and Human Services

Mrs. Edna C. Shalala; Attorney, Rocky River, Ohio (mother)

Mr. Stanley K. Sheinbaum; Publisher, New Perspectives Quarterly

General Henry H. Shelton; Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff

Mrs. Carolyn Shelton

Mr. Mark Shuttleworth; Thawte Consulting, Republic of South Africa Business Delegation

Hon. Joseph Jake Simmons IV; Deputy Assistant to the President and

     Director of the White House Military Office
     Mrs. Myralon Simmons

Hon. Rodney E. Slater; Secretary of Transportation

Mrs. Cassandra Slater

Hon. (Rep.) Louise McIntosh Slaughter; D/New York

Mr. Robert Slaughter

Hon. Gayle Smith; Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for African Affairs

Hon. Stephen Solarz; President, Solarz Associates

Mrs. Nina Solarz

Mr. Andy Spahn; Corporate Affairs, DreamWorks SKG

Ms. Jennifer Perry; Executive Director, Children's Action Network

Hon. Robert G. Stanton; Director of the National Park Service

Mrs. Janet Stanton

Mr. William Stavropoulos; President and CEO, DOW Chemical Worldwide

Mrs. Linda Stavropoulos

Mr. David J. Stern; Commissioner, National Basketball Association

Mrs. Dianne Stern

Ms. Diane Stevens; President, Natural Face New York

Ms. Denise Pease; Woman's Financial Association (guest)

Ms. Patricia Stonesifer; Co-Chair and President, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Mr. Daniel Straus; Care One

Mrs. Joyce Straus; Care One

Hon. Lawrence H. Summers; Secretary of the Treasury

Ms. Sheryl Sandberg; Chief of Staff to the Secretary of the Treasury (guest)

Mr. Leland H. Swenson; President, National Farmers Union

Mr. Thomas Paul Buis; Vice President of Government Relations, National Farmers Union

Mr. H. Patrick Swygert; President, Howard University

Mrs. Sonja Swygert

Mr. Meshach Taylor; Actor/Producer

Mrs. Bianca Taylor; Entrepreneur, Bianca's Botanicals

Mr. Maurice Tempelsman; Chairman, The Corporate Council on Africa

Mr. Leon Tempelsman; President, Lazare Kaplan International, Inc. (guest)

Ms. Sandra Thurman; Director, White House Office of National AIDS Policy

Mr. Keith Mason; Partner, Long, Aldridge and Norman (guest)

Hon. (Rep.) Karen Thurman; D/Florida

Hon. John Patrick Thurman

Mr. Jeffrey Toobin; The New Yorker Magazine and ABC News

Ms. Amy McIntosh; Bell Atlantic Corporation

Hon. (Rep.) Stephanie Tubbs Jones; D/Ohio

Mr. Mervyn Jones

Mr. John Tyson; Founding Director, Global Diamond Resources, Inc.

Mrs. Wabidia Tyson

Hon. Melanne Verveer; Assistant to the President and Chief of Staff to the First Lady

Mr. Philip Verveer; Partner, Willkie Farr & Gallagher

Mr. Mfundi Vundla; Morula Pictures, Republic of South Africa Business Delegation

Dr. James Wade; President, Associated Cost Engineers, Inc.

Mrs. Lavern Chatman; Philanthropist (guest)

Ms. Patti Ann Waldmeir; Legal Correspondent for Financial Times and

Author of Anatomy of a Miracle: The End of Apartheid and the Birth of a New South Africa

Dr. Mark Suzman; Assistant to the Administrator, United Nations Development Program (guest)

Mr. Marius Wanenburg; The Gate 3D Animation and Stock Animation

Republic of South Africa Business Delegation

Hon. Wellington Webb; Mayor of Denver, Colorado

Mrs. Stephanie Yvette O?Malley (daughter)

Ms. Rosa Whitaker; Assistant United States Trade Representative for Africa

Mr. Carlton Masters; President and CEO, GoodWorks International (guest)

Mr. DeWayne Wickham; Columnist, USA Today

Ms. Zenita Ann Wickham; Attorney, Steptoe and Johnson (daughter)

Dr. Ernest James Wilson III; University of Maryland

Dr. Francille Rusan Wilson; University of Maryland

Mr. BeBe Winans; Entertainer

Mr. Mike Eldred; Entertainer

Mr. Stevie Wonder; Entertainer

Mr. Brian LaRoda; Personal Assistant to Mr. Stevie Wonder (guest)

Hon. Andrew Young; Chairman, GoodWorks International

Mrs. Carolyn Young; GoodWorks International

Mr. Sandile Zungu; Global Africa Holdings, Republic of South Africa Business Delegation