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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release May 17, 2000
                   Highlights of President Clinton's
                    Counterterrorism Funding Request

President Clinton announced a plan today to invest an additional $300 million in critical programs to strengthen the Nation's counterterrorism efforts.

The funding would enhance the Federal government's work to deter and detect terrorist activity, applying lessons learned from the counterterrorism effort undertaken during Millennium celebration events. The request proposes $89 million for the Department of Justice and $87 million for the Department of the Treasury to fund extra personnel, new equipment, and additional joint operations and infrastructure improvements. An additional $159 million is proposed for other agencies to support these efforts.

Highlights of the initiative include:

Today's request builds on activities already being undertaken. In FY 2000, reprogramming funds the majority of the package. A fully offset FY 2001 budget amendment will be submitted to Congress.