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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release May 7, 2000


Today, the FBI released new 1999 statistics showing that crime is down for an unprecedented eighth year in a row, continuing the longest decline on record. The decline in crime has reached Americans living in communities of every size and in every region across the country. Data from the 1999 FBI Uniform Crime Report show that overall crime fell 7 percent, with crime down in every category of offense. Violent crime dropped 7 percent, including an 8 percent drop in murder, and property crime fell an additional 7 percent. In 1999, there were over 8,000 fewer murders than in 1992.

This good news confirms that our anti-crime strategy -- more police officers on the beat, fewer illegal guns and violent criminals on the street -- is having a powerful impact. We know we can turn the tide on crime, because we have. But despite this success, we cannot let up on our efforts. Gunfire continues to claim the lives of nearly 12 children every day, and we need to work on every front to reduce gun violence. With Mother's Day approaching, I will continue to urge the Congress to put the interests of America's families over those of the gun lobby and pass common sense gun safety measures to keep guns out of the wrong hands. Together, we can make America the safest big country on earth.


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