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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release April 21, 2000
               President Clinton and Vice President Gore:
              Protecting our Environment and Public Health
                       A Record of Accomplishment

"From our inner cities to our pristine wild lands, we have worked hard to ensure that every American has a clean and healthy environment. We've rid hundreds of neighborhoods of toxic waste dumps, (and) taken the most dramatic steps in a generation to clean the air we breathe....We have made record investments in science and technology to protect future generations from the threat of global warming. We've worked to protect and restore our most glorious natural resources, from the Florida Everglades to California's Yellowstone. And we have, I hope, finally put to rest the false choice between the economy and the environment, for we have the strongest economy perhaps in our history, with a cleaner environment"

Protecting America's Natural Treasures

Ensuring Public Health

Protecting Wildlife

Protecting our Oceans and Coasts

Building Sustainable Communities

Taking Action on Climate Change

Protecting the Global Environment

Greening the Government

Defending Our Environment Against Stealth Attacks