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                     Office of the Press Secretary
                        (Palo Alto, California)
For Immediate Release                                     April 17, 2000


Warm greetings to all those celebrating Passover.

Each year, Jews across America and around the world celebrate this sacred holiday by gathering with family and friends to share a festive ritual meal and to retell the story of Passover.

As children read from the Haggadah, a new generation learns the ancient story of God's liberation of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt and of their arduous 40-year journey through the desert. By singing songs, reciting prayers, and sharing food and drink steeped in tradition and symbolism, children learn to appreciate the rich history of the Jewish people, the importance of religious freedom, and the many blessings God brings to our lives.

This year, as families gather for the seder to once again tell the story of Passover and of the Israelites' journey to the Promised Land, let us all give thanks for God's grace in our lives and for the wonderful blessings of liberty. And let us pray for a future filled with peace, hope, and opportunity for all the children of the world.

Hillary joins me in extending best wishes for a joyous Passover celebration.


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