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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release April 5, 2000
             The White House Conference on the New Economy
                     The East Room, The White House


Mr. Henry J. Aaron; Senior Fellow, The Brookings Institution

Mr. Marcus Alexis; Academic Economist, Northwestern University

Hon. Roger C. Altman; Founding Partner, Evercore Partners Inc.

Ms. Marge Anderson; Chief Executive, Mille Lacs Tribe

Mr. Robert Atkinson; Director of Technology, Innovation and the New Economy Project, Progressive Policy Institute

Hon. Martin Baily; Chairman, Council of Economic Advisors

Mr. Robert Barbera; Chief Economist, Hoenig & Company

Ms. Laurie Bassi; Saba Press Photos

Mr. George F. Becker; President, United Steelworkers of America

Ms. Betty Stanley Beene; President and CEO, United Way of America

Mr. David W. Beier; Chief Domestic Policy Advisor to the Vice President, The White House

Dr. Carl Frederick Bergsten; Director, Institute for International Economics

Mr. Michael T. Bessire; President, Eastern Division, Safeway

Dr. Charles L. Betsey; Professor, Department of Economics, Howard University

Dr. Nancy Birdsall; Senior Associate and Director, The Economic Reform Project, Global Policy Program

Dr. Alan S. Blinder; Professor of Economics, Department of Economics, Princeton University

Hon. Stephen J. Braun

Mr. Charles Brewer; Earthlink

Ms. Judith A. Brewer; Director, Web Accessibility Initiative/ World Wide Web Consortium

Dr. Andrew Brimmer; Brimmer & Co.

Mr. Max Brown; Special Assistant, General Services Administration

Hon. John Bryant; Chairman and CEO, Operation Hope, Inc.

Mr. William J. Bynum; President and CEO, Enterprise Corporation of the Delta

Ms. Christina Caballero; President and CEO, Dialogue on Diversity, Inc.

Mr. Philip E. Cassidy; Executive Director, The Business Council

Mr. Robert Chase; President, National Education Association

Ms. Marai Chattergee; President, Self-Employed Women's Association (SEWA) of India

Hon. Henry Cisneros; President and CEO, Univision Communications Incorporated

Ms. Abby Joseph Cohen; Chair, Investment Policy Committee

Mr. Allan L. Cohen; Senior Advisor to the Secretary for Budget, Department of the Treasury

Mr. Richard Cohen; President, National Committee on Responsive Philanthropy

Dr. Susan M. Collins; Senior Fellow of Economic Studies, The Brookings Institution

Mr. Dennis D. Dammerman; Vice Chairman, General Electric Company

Dr. William Darity; Voshamer Professor of Economics and Sociology, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and Research Professor of Public Policy, Duke University

Dr. Kathryn M.E. Dominguez; Associate Professor of Economics and Public Policy, Ford School of Public Policy, University of Michigan

Dr. William C. Dudley; Managing Director and Director of U.S. Economic Research, Goldman, Sachs & Co.

Ms. Esther Dyson; Chairman, Edventure Holdings, Inc.

Hon. Maria Echaveste; Assistant to the President and Deputy Chief of Staff, The White House

Prof. Nada Eissa; Academic Economist, University of California, Berkeley

Mr. E. David Ellington; Co-Founder, President and CEO, NetNoir, Inc.

Mr. Melvin Farr, Sr.; President, Mel Farr Automotive Group

Mr. George Fatheree; Founder and Vice President of Community Development,

Ms. Lynn Forester; Firstmark Communications, Int.

Mr. Jeffrey A. Frankel; Harvard University

Dr. James K. Galbraith; Professor, LBJ School of Public Affairs, University of Texas, Austin

Ms. Patricia Garrison-Corbin; President and CEO, P.G. Corbin & Co., Inc.

Mr. William H. Gates; Chairman & CEO, Microsoft Corporation

Prof. Robert J. Gordon; Stanley G. Harris Professor of Economics, Northwestern University

Hon. Jamie S. Gorelick; Vice Chair, Fannie Mae

Mr. Robert Greenstein; Founder and Executive Director, Center for Budget & Policy Priorities

Mr. Nick Grouf; CEO, PeoplePC

Ms. Gloria Guerrero; President and CEO, Rural Development and Finance Corporation

Prof. Bronwyn H. Hall; Associate Professor of Economics, University of California, Berkeley

Mr. William R. Hambrecht; W.R. Hambrecht & Company, LLC

Dr. Idit Harel; CEO and Founder, MaMaMedia, Inc.

Hon. Ruth R. Harkin ; United Technologies Corporation

Hon. Alexis M. Herman; Secretary of Labor

Mrs. Debra Hickerson; Executive Director, National Association of Women Business Owners

Mr. Norman Hill; President, A. Philip Randolph Institute

Hon. Robert D. Hormats; Vice Chairman, Goldman, Sachs & Co.

Ms. Lyric Merrie Hughes; President, T.L.I. International Corporation

Hon. Reed E. Hundt; Senior Adviser, Information Industries, McKinsey and Company, Inc.

Mr. Jerry J. Jasinowski; President, National Association of Manufacturers

Mr. Philip Jefferson; Swarthmore College

Mr. Robert L. Johnson; Chairman & CEO, Black Entertainment Television

Ms. Roberta R. Katz; President and CEO, TechNet

Dr. Henry Kaufman; President, Henry Kaufman Company, Inc.

Mr. Jimmy Kemp; Empower America

Ms. Nancy Killefer; McKinley and Co

Mr. Orin S. Kramer; General Partner, Kramer Spellman, L.P.

Mr. Michael Kremer; Professor, Harvard University

Mr. Robert Kuttner; Founder and Co-Editor, The American Prospect

Mr. Robert Lawrence; Member, Council of Economic Advisors

Hon. Jack Lew; Director, Office of Management and Budget

Dr. Robert Litan; Vice President of Economic Studies, The Brookings Institution

Ms. Lisa M. Lynch; William L. Clayton Professor of International Economic Affairs, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University

Mr. John H. Makin; American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research

Dr. Julianne M. Malveaux; President and CEO, Last Word Productions, Inc.

Prof. Nicholas G. Mankiw; Department of Economics, Harvard University

Mr. William Marshall; President, Progressive Policy Institute

Hon. Sylvia M. Mathews; Assistant to the President and Deputy Director, Office of Management and Budget

Hon. David McCurdy; Electronics Industries Alliance

Ms. Susan McNeil; American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees

Hon. Thomas F. "Mack" McLarty; Vice Chairman, Kissinger McLarty Associates

Ms. Nina McLemore; Managing Partner, Regent Capital Partners

Rev. James T. Meeks; Rainbow PUSH Coalition

Hon. Joseph J. Minarik; Associate Director for Economic Policy, Office of Management and Budget

Mr. L. Ray Moncrief; Vice President, Kentucky Highlands Investment Corporation

Dr. Marilyn Moon; Senior Fellow, The Urban Institute

Mr. James W. Morrison; Senior Policy Advisor, National Association for the Self Employed

Ms. Melissa Moss; President and CEO, Women's Consumer Network

Ms. Alicia Munell; Director, Center for Retirement Research, Peter F. Drucker Chair in Management Services, Wallace E. Carroll School of Management, Boston College

Prof. William D. Nordhaus; Professor, Department of Economics, Yale University

Mr. Larry L. Orr; Chief Economist, ABT Associates

Mr. Peter Orszag; President, Sebago Associates, Inc.

Hon. John D. Podesta; Chief of Staff to the President, The White House

Ms. Kim Polese; President and CEO, Marimba, Inc.

Mr. James Lee Price; Chief Economist, Department of Commerce

Prof. Robert D. Putnam; Peter and Isabel Malkin Professor of Public Policy, Harvard University

Mr. Ramon Rodriguez; United States - Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Mr. Steven L. Rattner; Quadrangle Group

Dr. Earl S. Richardson; President, Morgan State University

Mr. Jerry A. Rickett; President, CEO, Kentucky Highlands Investment Corporation

Hon. Alice M. Rivlin; Senior Fellow and Johnson Chair, The Brookings Institution

Mr. William M. Rodgers; Department of Labor

Ms. Elisa Maria Sanchez; President, Mexican American?s Women?s National Association (MANA)

Prof. Richard Santos; Professor, University of New Mexico

Ms. Isabel Sawhill; Director of Administration, Urban Institute

Hon. Charles L. Schultze; Senior Fellow, The Brookings Institution

Mr. Derek Scott; Personal Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Prof. Amartya Sen; Master, Trinity College, Cambridge University

Ms. Gail Shaffer; CEO, Business and Professional Women USA

Hon. Donna E. Shalala; Secretary of Health and Human Services

Hon. Robert Shapiro; Under Secretary, Department of Commerce

Ms. Kathryn Shaw; Council of Economic Advisers

Prof. Robert J. Shiller; Stanley B. Resor Professor of Economics, Yale University

Hon. Gerry Sikorski; Partner, Offices of Holland and Knight

Ms. Margaret C. Simms; Vice-President for Research, Joint Center for Economic & Political Studies

Ms. Barbara Simons; President, Association for Computing Machinery

Mr. Allen Sinai; Chief Global Economist and President, Primark Decision Economics, Inc.

Hon. Rodney E. Slater; Secretary of Transportation

Mr. David A. Smith; Director, Public Policy Department, AFL-CIO

Mr. Edward M. Smith; Vice President and Midwest Regional Manager, Laborer's International Union of North America

Dr. Sung Won Sohn; Senior Vice President, Wells Fargo Bank

Ms. Robyn W. Spencer; Executive Director, Business Women's Network

Hon. Gene Sperling; Assistant to the President for Economic Policy and Director, National Economic Council

Dr. William Spriggs; Executive Director, Office of Research and Public Policy of National Urban League

Mr. Bruce Steinberg; Chief Economist, Merrill Lynch

Mr. Joshua L. Steiner; Quadrangle Group

Mr. Eugene Steuerle; Senior Fellow, Urban Institute

Hon. Joseph E. Stiglitz; The Brookings Institution

Mr. Charles F. Stone

Hon. Lawrence H. Summers; Secretary of the Treasury

Mr. David Sutphen; General Counsel, Office of Senator Kennedy

Ms. Diane Swonk; Chief Economist, Bank One Corporation

Prof. John B. Taylor; Mayr and Robert Raymond Professor of Economics, Stanford University

Mr. Richard Thoman; CEO, Xerox Corporation

Mr. Kermit Thomas; National Black Chamber of Commerce

Hon. Karen A. Tramontano; Assistant to the President and Counselor to the Chief of Staff, The White House

Mr. John Alfred Turner; Minority Business Enterprise Legal Defense and Educational Fund

Mr. Kaleil Tuzman; Co-Founder and CEO,

Dr. Hal Ronald Varian; Professor and Dean School of Information and Management, University of California, Berkeley

Mr. David W. Wilcox; Assistant Secretary for Economic Policy, Department of the Treasury

Prof. William Julius Wilson; Weiner Professor of Social Policy, JFK School of Government, Harvard University

Hon. James D. Wolfensohn; President, The World Bank

Mr. Edward Yardeni; Chief Economist, Deutsche Bank

Hon. Janet Yellen; University of California, Berkeley