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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release March 17, 2000
                         WITH SMITH AND WESSON
                             March 17, 2000

New design standards to make guns safer and prevent accidental shootings and gun deaths

     Locking devices.  Safety locking devices will be required for
     handguns and pistols, external locking devices within 60 days and
     internal locking devices within 24 months.

     Smart guns.  Two percent of annual firearms revenues will be
     dedicated to the development of authorized user technology that can
     limit a gun's use to its proper owner.  Authorized user technology
     will be included in all new firearm models within 36 months.

     Large capacity magazines.  New firearms will not be able to accept
     ammunition magazines with a capacity of over 10 rounds.  The
     manufacture of such magazines has been prohibited since 1994.

     Safety testing and standards.  All firearms are to be tested by ATF
     to ensure that they meet performance and safety standards such as
     drop tests.

     Other safety devices.  Within one year, all pistols will have
     chamber load indictors to show that a pistol is loaded to prevent
     accidents, and magazine disconnectors will be available to
     customers within 12 months.

New sales and distribution controls to help keep guns out of the hands of criminals and help law enforcement crack down on illegal gun traffickers. Under the deal, manufacturers will agree to sell only to authorized dealers and distributors who agree to a code of conduct. The code of conduct imposes new requirements on authorized dealers and distributors.

     Cutting off dealers with disproportionate crime guns.  Under the
     agreement, manufacturers will take action against dealers or
     distributors who sell disproportionate numbers of guns that turn up
     in crimes within three years of sale, including termination or
     suspension against the dealer or distributor.

     Gun shows.  Authorized dealers cannot sell at gun shows unless
     every seller at the gun show conducts background checks.

     Ballistics testing.  To help law enforcement trace guns used in
     crime when only the bullet or casing is recovered, ballistics
     fingerprints will be provided for all new firearms to ATF/FBI
     National Integrated Ballistics Identification Network within 6
     months if technologically feasible.

     Safety training for purchasers.  No sales will be made to dealers
     who do not require gun purchasers to demonstrate that they can
     safety handle and store firearms.

     Theft prevention.  No sales will be made to dealers who do not
     implement a security plan to prevent gun theft.

     Weapons attractive to criminals.  Authorized dealers and
     distributors will not sell large capacity ammunition magazines or
     semiautomatic assault weapons.

     Restrictions on multiple handgun sales.  To deter illegal gun
     trafficking, dealers must agree to new limits on multiple handgun
     sales.  All purchasers of multiple handguns can only take one
     handgun from the day of sale, the remainder 14 days later.

Enforcement of agreement. An Oversight Commission will be established to oversee the implementation of the agreement. The Commission will have five members selected as follows: one by manufacturers; two by city and county parties; one by state parties; one by ATF. ATF will work with manufacturers and the Oversight Commission to assist them in meeting obligations under the agreement.