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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release February 25, 2000

Visit of His Majesty King Juan Carlos I, February 22-24

The State visit of His Majesty King Juan Carlos I from February 22-24 reaffirmed the warm relations between Spain and the United States and the King and President Clinton. On the occasion of the visit a range of issues were discussed.

The President recognized Spain for its leadership in Latin America, the Mediterranean and the Middle East. He expressed appreciation for Spain's contributions in the Balkans, including the important role being played by Spanish troops in SFOR and KFOR.

President Clinton encouraged continued Spanish cooperation with the United States in promoting human rights, political stability, and economic development in Latin America.

Both sides agreed on the importance of fighting terrorism and drug trafficking. President Clinton expressed sympathy for the families of the two victims of the bombing February 22 in northern Spain.

Spain confirmed that it would have no objection to temporary Israeli membership in the Western Europe and Others Group in the United Nations, if agreed by all other members of the EU. The President welcomed Spain's position on this issue, which has been the subject of close consultation between Spain and U.S. officials, including Vice President Gore.

Both sides agreed on the importance of enhancing the relationship between the U.S. and Spain by strengthening and ensuring consultations on all relevant international issues of common concern.

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