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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release February 25, 2000


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When Hurricane Floyd hit communities on the eastern seaboard nearly six months ago, it left many thousands homeless, destroyed countless businesses and caused severe loss of crops. While this storm took a terrible toll, hard-hit communities have shown determination and courage as they have made great efforts to rebuild. It is our job to help them, and today I am asking Congress to provide an additional $347 million to do so.

These funds include essential assistance to farmers who have suffered crop loss, to help to construct low-income rural housing and to provide some 2,000 housing vouchers for families displaced from their homes. I am also asking Congress to fund a feasibility study for the historic Princeville, North Carolina to best determine options to protect this culturally significant town from future flooding.

We have already made $2.6 billion available in grants and loans to help the victims of Hurricane Floyd. I urge Congress to approve my request today for additional funding in order to support the efforts of hard-pressed communities as they continue to rebuild, and to bring to nearly $3 billion total funds available to them.