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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release February 25, 2000
                 PRESIDENT CLINTON CALLS FOR PASSAGE OF                 
                           February 25, 2000                            

The President today, joined by tribal and congressional leaders, will call for passage of his $9.4 billion Native American FY2001 budget initiative, an increase in funding of $1.2 billion over FY 2000 -- the largest increase ever. Prior to the President's statement, tribal leaders will meet at the White House today with senior Administration officials to discuss the Native American initiative. This initiative recognizes that the entire federal government has a trust responsibility for Native American tribes. Accordingly, it provides funding across many agencies, rather than simply at the Department of the Interior's Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) and the Department of Health and Human Service's Indian Health Service (IHS), both of which traditionally have provided the bulk of funding for Native American communities. This initiative makes critical investments in education, health care, law enforcement, infrastructure, and economic development in Indian Country.

                    SELECTED FY2001 BUDGET HIGHLIGHTS                   

Educational Opportunities, School Construction and Repair -- More than double funding to $300 million for the Bureau of Indian

Affairs (BIA) School Construction and Repair. -- $10 Million for Training and Recruiting New Native American

Teachers. -- $5 Million for the new American Indian Administrator Corps. -- $50 Million in funding from the new School Renovation Loan and

Grant Program. -- $77 Million, an Increase of $25 Million, for Tribal Colleges.

Community Empowerment, New Markets and Digital Divide Initiatives -- $10 Million to Address the Digital Divide. -- $5 Million for Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI)

Expansion. -- $4.5 Million for Business Assistance at the Small Business

Administration. -- $1.25 Million to Expand Business LINC to Indian Country. -- $650 Million, an Increase of $30 Million, in Block Grants for

Indian Housing. -- $10 Million Increase to $53 Million to Strengthen Tribal

Environmental Programs.

Public Safety -- $439 Million, an Increase of $103 Million, to Improve Law

Enforcement in Indian Country.

Health Care -- $2.6 Billion, an Increase of $230 Million, for the Indian Health


Building and Repairing Infrastructure -- $349 Million, an Increase of $117 Million, to Build Roads and

Bridges in Indian Country. -- $49 Million, an Increase of $46 Million, for Tribal

Infrastructure Projects.

Details of the initiative include:

Providing for Educational Opportunities, School Construction and Repair

Empowering Communities, Expanding New Markets Initiatives

Promoting Public Safety

Providing Health Care

Helping to Build Infrastructure