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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release February 17, 2000



Throughout his seven years in office, President Clinton has made ending conflict and cultivating democracy in Africa a central focus of his foreign policy, particularly during his historic trip to the continent. He has strongly supported the growing trend towards democracy in Africa, working directly with African institutions to resolve Africa's conflicts and consolidate its peaceful transitions. Promoting democracy and stability in Africa means building the capacity of the institutions needed to promote justice, foster internal trade, enhance regional cooperation, and consolidate peace efforts.

RECORD OF ACCOMPLISHMENT - Promoting Peace and Democracy

Making and Keeping Peace

Building Democracy

The President's sustained commitment to economic engagement with Africa has opened economies on both sides of the Atlantic to private sector trade and investment, offering opportunities to Americans and increasing Africa's potential to alleviate poverty and to increase prosperity. The United States is systematically developing closer trade and investment relations with Africa by negotiating bilateral trade agreements, offering trade incentives for reform, tackling Africa's debt burden, and also forging agreements with our allies to forgive or reduce additional debts.

RECORD OF ACCOMPLISHMENT - Helping to Strengthen Africa Through Health Care Initiatives and Increased Economic Engagement