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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release February 14, 2000
                     FY 2000 FOREST LEGACY FUNDING
                           February 14, 2000

President Clinton today announced $18.6 million in Forest Legacy grants for 29 projects encompassing nearly 250,000 acres in 19 states and territories. These competitive grants are used to protect private forest land that provides critical wildlife habitat and is threatened by development. Protected lands can continue to be used for forestry and other compatible activities. States must provide at least a 25 percent match, resulting in a total investment of $25 million or more.

Big Creek Timber 10,000 acres $1,312,000 This is prime redwood forest in the rapidly growing counties of Santa Cruz and San Mateo. It provides habitat connectivity with Butano State Park. Endangered species, salmonids, and watershed values will all be protected in and around Butano Creek.

Donated Easements 3,093 acres $88,000 Three tracts in Sonoma, Mendocino, and Santa Cruz counties where the owners will donate perpetual conservation easements to the Pacific Forest Trust and Mendocino Forest Conservation Trust. Forest Legacy funds are used to help defray costs associated with the donations (surveys, title work, easement drafting, etc.)

Footehill Farms 125 acres $125,000 This project will increase the number of protected forest acres in a rapidly developing community. Protection of 3,500 feet of the Blackledge river will help in the US Fish & Wildlife efforts to reintroduce the Atlantic salmon to the area.

Papa Parcel 2,000 acres $1,000,000 A diverse mosaic of mid-elevation koa-`ohi `a forest stands on lava flows of different ages. These are habitat for four endemic forest bird species, the threatened Hawaiian hawk, and the endangered Hawaiian hoary bat. The parcel is a key link in the long term protection of the forests of this region and abuts a Nature Conservancy preserve in the South Kona area of the Big Island. This forest system is threatened by subdivision, nonsustainable logging, grazing and weed invasion.

LaVista Woods 70 acres $280,000 Adjacent to a Forest Legacy tract on the bluffs over the Meeting of the Great Rivers Scenic Byway. Approximately 1,000 acres of forestland will be consolidated forming a scenic and unique area along the Mississippi River. This property and an adjoining nature preserve are frequented by and are prime roosting sites for Bald Eagles.

Hills of Gold 635 acres $2,285,000 This actively managed forested tract, which contains glaciated and unglaciated areas, is less than 25 miles from Indianapolis. It contains valuable mixed hardwoods, a cemetery and a gold mine. Protection of this tract enhances water quality. The current owners have received Tree Farmer of the Year award.

Indian Mound Farm 800 acres $400,000 Forested tract, bounded by State highway, paved county roads, perennial stream and new PGA golf course, containing unique features including: old grist mill site, pioneer cemetery, Indian mound, quarry lake, caves and unique rock formations.

Little Richland Creek 303 acres $179,000 Protecting this tract will help to maintain clean water. It is a nurtured, well-managed tract of high quality hardwoods and planted white pine, in an area experiencing intense development pressure. Rich in limestone deposits this tract has caves and karst topography. The tract has one state-endangered plant and a high likelihood for occurrence of other rare plant species.

Green Cathedral 292 acres $650,000 A highly coveted parcel within 5 miles of the MD State capital that is called the "Green Cathedral" because this impressive forest is dominated by very large, tall oaks and yellow poplars providing quality forest interior dwelling bird habitat and enhancing water quality in the Chesapeake Bay. A portion of the northwest boundary is waterfront.

Muddy Creek 200 acres $400,000 A large tract of forest and field (only forest included in Legacy) that connects Elk Neck State Forest to the Elk River at the head of the Chesapeake Bay. The resulting large forest will provide forest interior dwelling birds needed habitat, as well as enhancing water quality in the Chesapeake Bay.

Wye River -- Phase 1 253 acres $250,000 This tract is about half of the only large block of forest in the area; it provides important wildlife habitat for the federally listed Delmarva Fox Squirrel. A Bald Eagle's nest is located on the southeastern corner.

Hatfield Watershed Sites 32 acres $76,000 A heavily wooded, significant wildlife area adjacent to primary municipal water supply, this parcel is located in the Connecticut River watershed. It is in an identified "focus area" by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and is in the Mill River drainage where the dwarf wedge mussel, an endangered species, has recently been rediscovered,

Pumpkin Brook 136 acres $250,000 Directly adjacent to the Squannacook Wildlife Management Area, protection of this forested tract with 15 acres of vegetated wetlands will complement the Squannacook-Nissitissit Rivers Sanctuary Act of 1975. In addition, this tract provides the longest undeveloped and otherwise unobstructed stretch of road in Shirley.

Big Woods Tracts 593 acres $678,000 The Big Woods, formerly the largest continuous area of closed canopy sugar maple-basswood forest in an area converted to farmland, can provide a cool, shaded environment. Ecosystem restoration is being pursued around already protected sites.

Thompson/Fisher 170,000 acres $1,000,000 Industrial forestland with high development potential and likelihood that current owner will subdivide and sell the most marketable parcels. Over 470 miles of rivers and tributary streams. High quality fish and wildlife habitat for trout, deer, elk, and moose. Good opportunity for public recreation and working forest.

New Hampshire
Blue Mountain 18,608 acres $1,675,000 Over 18,600 acres of productive forest land with approximately 5,800 acres of significant high elevation spruce/fir --supporting more rare animal species in New Hampshire than other major forest types -- and 8+ miles of common boundary with 40,000 acre Nash Stream Forest.

New Jersey
Meridian 300 acres $350,000 Located in the Beaver Brook watershed and adjacent to Wildcat Ridge State Park. The property is located on top of part of an aquifer that provides water to 2 million people. The parcel is in a greenway that includes the Buck Mountain project, previously purchased with Forest Legacy funds. The owner has approval for 108 home sites.

Macopin Newark Watershed 700 acres $700,000 NJ and the City of Newark are working to preserve Newark Watershed lands in the Federally studied Highlands. This parcel lies outside the drainage of the city's watershed and is susceptible to development. This easement will benefit the public allowing pedestrian access along existing trails and a new trail system to be established connecting to the Buck Mountain Forest Legacy tract.

New York
Sterling Forest -- Phase I 950 acres $2,000,000 Forest, rugged ridges, hiking trails, streams and frontage on Sterling Lake make up this latest effort to protect the critical Ramapo River watershed 40 miles northwest of New York City. Adjacent to over 15,000 acres of already protected forest, this property was slated to be converted into a 1000 unit development.

North Carolina
Davis Farm 1,213 acres $1,400,000 Part of an area in Brunswick County slated to be sold for development. Cypress gum swamps and freshwater marshes are ranked as "Nationally Significant Natural Heritage Site". Features of this project are wildlife habitat, endangered snails, and water quality of this tributary to the Cape Fear River.

Puerto Rico
The Jungle -- Phase I 179 acres $750,000 Caribbean Sea frontage and connection to protected forest. Subtropical xerophitic forest, mangroves, saltflats, 6 Federally endangered species. Development has been proposed and is adjacent to one side.

Rhode Island
Cork Brook 49 acres $250,000 This is a privately owned and managed forest in a watershed that supplies drinking water to 60% of RI's population. It contains 800 feet of a tributary feeder stream to the reservoir. The land has been continually managed since 1978 and the owner once earned Tree Farmer of the Year. However, the owner is now under pressure to sell.

DuVal Trail 166 acres $360,000 A key timber-managed parcel in a greenway corridor. EPA has designated the underlying aquifer as a "sole source Aquifer" -- meaning greater than 50% of the drinking water supply of the area is from groundwater and no reasonable alternative exists. The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service has identified this area as one of regional importance.

To Be Determined TBD $400,000 Specific projects will be determined in the near future.

Coalville -- Phase I 500 acres $300,000 This 3,500 acre property is adjacent to Utah's first large Forest Legacy parcel. It's substantial forested areas of conifer and aspen offers watershed protection, wildlife habitat that includes elk, deer, moose and bear. The property is currently under option. Phase 2 will protect the remaining 3,000 A donation from the landowner is expected as part of phase 2.

Green River Phase III $450,000 The protection of over 5,000 acres of shoreline along one of the largest water bodies in Vermont was claimed as an accomplishment in FY 1999. Phase III is the repayment of a bridge loan from The Nature Conservancy. The property offers recreation, forest management, and habitat protection.

Edge -- Phase II $325,000 The second phase of a project contingent on Congressional review of a related Title VI proposal (see note below).

Sisters 80 acres $300,000 Located in a highly visible part of the I-90 corridor and threatened with imminent development. Connects Mitchell Hill and Tiger Mountain protected areas for habitat, migration and scenery. Protects water quality of Issaquah Creek, a Chinook salmon stream.

To Be Determined TBD $400,000 Additional projects will be determined in the near future.

NOTES: Three additional projects (Pond of Safety, Nicatous Lake Phase 2, Panguitch Lake Phase 1) were specifically identified by Congress for a total of $5 million in FY 2000. The projects listed above were submitted by participating States for Department of Agriculture review and approval. In addition, three projects were proposed to the Appropriations subcommittees by Secretary Glickman on February 1, 2000, under Title VI of the 2000 Consolidated Appropriations Act. The three projects represent an additional $5 million. Overall, the Forest Legacy program received $28.6 million in FY 2000.