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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release February 7, 2000
               President Clinton and Vice President Gore:
                          Honoring Commitments
                to Native Americans In the FY2001 Budget
                            February 7, 2000

Updated February 6, 2000

"I also . . . [want] to make special efforts to address the areas of our nation with the highest rates of poverty -- our Native American reservations and the Mississippi Delta. My budget includes . . . a billion dollars to increase economic opportunity, health care, education and law enforcement for our Native American communities. In this new century -- we should begin this new century by honoring our historic responsibility to empower the first Americans. And I want to thank tonight the leaders and the members from both parties who've expressed to me an interest in working with us on these efforts. They are profoundly important."

                                                  President Bill Clinton
                                                  State of the Union
                                                  January 27, 2000

In order to better serve Native American communities and to honor the federal government's trust responsibility to tribes, the President's budget includes a total of $9.4 billion for key new and existing programs that assist Native Americans and Indian reservations. This total is an increase of $1.2 billion over Fiscal Year 2000 - the largest increase ever. This initiative brings together several agencies in order to address the needs of Native American communities comprehensively. Some of the highlights include: $300 million for Bureau of Indian Affairs school construction and repair; $349 million through the Department of Transportation for roads in Indian Country; and $2.6 billion for the Indian Health Service. Other key components of the Native American initiative are:

Budget Initiatives for Native Americans:

Investing in Education and Training.

Fighting Crime in Indian Country. The President's budget included key increases for law enforcement:

Providing Health Care and Promoting Safety. President Clinton and Vice President Gore are committed to providing health care to the Native American population. This budget moves forward on their vision to help realize this goal.

Providing Infrastructure for Native American Communities. President Clinton and Vice President Gore are providing solid investments to build infrastructure in Native American communities.

Empowering Communities and Moving People from Welfare to Work.

Protecting Sovereignty and Promoting Self-Determination.

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