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Office of the Vice President

For Immediate Release February 2, 2000
                         ON AUSTRIAN GOVERNMENT

     I am concerned about developments in Vienna that apparently will

allow into the Austrian Government the FRP, whose leader has made statements interpreted in Austria and abroad as expressing sympathy for the Nazis and minimizing the tragedy of the Holocaust.

Austria has a democratically-elected government; that is true, and we must be respectful of Austria's constitutional processes. It is also true the world has suffered horribly in the past century at the hands of leaders who have used the tools of democracy to undermine the spirit and purpose of democracy. There are reasons for us to remain watchful.

The United States will continue to follow the situation closely and remain in touch with our EU allies, as we look for the Austrian government to uphold its commitments to openness, expansion of democracy, support of free markets, and tolerance for others.

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