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                     Office of the Press Secretary
                         (Aboard Air Force One)
For Immediate Release                                   January 28, 2000


It is hard to believe that, in just a few weeks, Doug Sosnik will be leaving the White House. As happy as I am for Doug and his wife, Fabiana, that he is taking on an exciting new challenge with the National Basketball Association, I am not looking forward to his departure, because he has been such an important part of virtually everything we have worked on over the past six years.

Doug has that increasingly rare attribute -- a "passion for anonymity" -- and a self-deprecating style that has made him perhaps the least-known, most influential person in our community.

What is known about Doug is certainly true: he has been an invaluable source of policy and political advice for me and my staff, a wise and steady counselor and a reliable, yet not-too-successful, player of "hearts."

What is not so well known about Doug is his sense of history and of the moment; his humor and skill at bringing people together, cutting through the clutter and getting things done; his desire to mentor young and new staff members, many of whom have Doug to thank, not only for helping them join this Administration, but for helping them succeed as well.

An expert in the combative world of politics, Doug represents what is best about politics -- a recognition that the root of the word is "people," and doing good things for people is what it's all about.

He would never say it about himself but, to borrow a phrase from his new life, I hope that more people coming into careers in public service will "be like Doug."