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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release January 27, 2000
             President Clinton's State Of The Union Address
                            January 27, 2000
     The State Of The Union Is Strong.  In his State of the Union
     Address tonight, President Clinton will note that our nation is
     strong and that we have an historic chance to build a new American
     revolution of opportunity, responsibility and community.

     A Bold, New Vision Eight Years Ago.  Eight years ago, America was
     suffering from rising crime, growing deficits and a weak economy.
     For the past eight years, we have been determined to change these
     trends with a bold, new vision based on enduring values:
     opportunity for all, responsibility from all, and a community of
     all Americans.

     Today We See The Results Of That Vision.  We enjoy the strongest
     economy in a generation. Record deficits are now record surpluses.
     Overall crime rates are down 25 percent.  Welfare rolls have been
     cut in half.

     A New Revolution.  Today we have a profound opportunity and
     obligation to build on those results, to take the long look ahead
     and set new goals to move our nation closer to the more perfect
     union our founders' envisioned.

     Building On Our Progress, Step-By-Step.  Tonight, the President
     will outline new goals based on the same enduring values: 
     opportunity, responsibility and community.  The President will 

     Opportunity and Responsibility in Education
     Rewarding Work and Strengthening Families
     Responsibility and Crime
     Expanding Economic Opportunity to Every Corner of America
     Expanding Economic Opportunity and Protecting American Interests
         Around the World
     Responsibility, Opportunity and the Environment
     Opportunity and Responsibility of Science and Technology
     Building One American Community