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                              THE WHITE HOUSE
                       Office of the Press Secretary
For Immediate Release                                  December 24, 1999
                            AND THE FIRST LADY
                           IN CHRISTMAS MESSAGE

THE PRESIDENT: On this holiest of holidays, Hillary and I would like to wish all of you a very merry Christmas. This is a season of joy, a time for family and friends to rejoice in one another's company, and in the magic of Christmas. This is also the season of peace.

On behalf of all Americans, I'd like to send a special greeting to the brave men and women in uniform who are serving our country in lands far from home. Thank you for the greatest gift of the season, for protecting our nation and safeguarding the blessings we all hold dear.

MRS. CLINTON: At the dawn of this new millennium, let us reflect on our hopes, our dreams, and the gifts we can give to the future. So let all of us cherish the gift of every child among us and pledge to build a world where all children, no matter where they are born, can make their dreams come true.

THE PRESIDENT: From our family to yours, merry Christmas, happy New Year. And may God bless you all.