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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release December 22, 1999
                        REMARKS BY THE PRESIDENT
                           TO THE TRAVEL POOL
                        AT D.C. CENTRAL KITCHEN

                          D.C. Central Kitchen
                            Washington, D.C.

12:40 P.M. EST

Q Mr. President, how concerned should Americans be about terrorist attacks in the U.S. as we approach the new year?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, because of the incident which has been widely reported, we, the authorities, are on a higher level of alert. For the citizens, I would say they ought to go about their holidays and enjoy themselves and make the most of it. But I would ask them to just be aware of their circumstances and if they see anything suspicious to report it immediately, and meanwhile, to know that we are doing everything we possibly can. We're taking extraordinary efforts in the government to act, based on the incident out in the Pacific Northwest and what we know, and we're going forward. I don't think the American people should stop their holiday activities. I think they ought to go on and enjoy the season. But because we, the government, are taking extra steps and we're on alert, I think it would be good for them and good for us if they would just be careful and - not suspicious, but aware - aware of their circumstances, and if they see anything that doesn't look right, to report it to us. And if they do that, I think we'll have a good holiday and I think we'll maximize our safety.

END 12:42 P.M. EST