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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release December 6, 1999


As part of the President's continued commitment to the progress and growth of the Internet, the White House Press Office is pleased to announce a new service for online news organizations and Internet users. This new service, "Ask the White House," presents a unique opportunity for the public to ask questions of the White House, through an Internet news organization, about the important policies and issues that make up the President's agenda.

Each week, Internet users will pose their questions for the White House to participating news sites. These sites will then submit their five most asked questions to the White House Press Office. The responses will be posted weekly on the websites of each participating news organization.

The first news organization to feature "Ask the White House" on its website is America Online News, which will make it available to the public beginning Monday, December 6, 1999. News organizations interested in participating in "Ask the White House" should contact the White House Press Office at 202-456-7150 to obtain further information.