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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release November 12, 1999


Today, I signed a proclamation that will significantly expand the visa sanctions we impose on those who support the Milosevic regime in Serbia. The Secretary of State will now have greater flexibility to deny visas to a broad range of Milosevic's key supporters, who are obstructing democracy, suppressing freedom of speech, and financially supporting the regime. Family members, relatives and close associates of those on the list may also be excluded.

This proclamation sends a clear message to those propping up the Milosevic regime that Serbia faces a clear choice: it can take its rightful place in a prosperous democratic Europe or sink further into isolation and economic decline under a dictator who has betrayed the best interests of the Serbian people. And if it chooses the latter path, those responsible will not be able to escape the consequences of their actions by leaving their country.

In this and other ways, we and our European allies are determined to support the Serbian opposition in its effort to bring true democracy to Serbia.

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