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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release November 10, 1999

Final Y2K Readiness Report Shows Most Areas Prepared

November 10, 1999

Today, President Clinton will announce a report from the President's Council on Year 2000 Conversion, which says that major breakdowns in key economic and infrastructure sectors now appear unlikely. Key sectors of our economy, including electric utilities, transportation, telecommunications and finance, have undertaken satisfactory conversion, testing, and contingency planning to make a smooth transition into the Year 2000. President Clinton also will announce that 99 percent of the federal government's mission critical systems are compliant, and last month made a smooth transition to Fiscal Year 2000. Finally, the report highlights remaining areas of concern and federal efforts to help address them.

Federal Agencies and Major Economic Sectors Ready For Y2K: Thanks to America's hard work on the Y2K problem, serious disruptions in key domestic sectors and the federal government are unlikely. These include:

Remaining Y2K Concerns: The report expressed concern over organizations that are lagging behind in their completion dates or are hoping to make repairs once problems arise. These concerns include:

Administration Actions To Prepare For Year 2000: The President's Council has been a proactive force to ease the transition into the Year 2000. However, much work remains. Over the next two months the Council will do the following: