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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release October 28, 1999
                         U.S. AMBASSADOR TO ISRAEL

     The President today announced his intent to nominate 

Martin S. Indyk to be U.S. Ambassador to Israel.

Mr. Martin S. Indyk, of Washington, DC, currently serves as Assistant Secretary of State for Near East Affairs. Earlier, he served as U.S. Ambassador to Israel from March of 1995 until his appointment as Assistant Secretary in 1997. Prior to his ambassadorship, Mr. Indyk served as Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Near East and South Asian Affairs at the National Security Council. During that period he served as Principal Advisor to the President and National Security Advisor on Arab-Israeli issues, Iraq, Iran and South Asia.

Ambassador Indyk has extensive experience with peace process issues and long standing ties with key Israeli and Arab officials. The President and Secretary of State believe there is a real opportunity to achieve a comprehensive peace and that this nomination is an important part of that effort.

Mr. Indyk received a Bachelor of Economics degree from the University of Sydney in 1972 and a Ph.D. from the Australian National University in 1977. He has published widely on U.S. policy towards the Arab-Israeli process and on U.S.-Israel relations.