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Office of the Vice President

For Immediate Release October 16, 1999


Every American ought to be able to contribute to their full measure and people with disabilities should be respected for their abilities. That is why last year I asked the Office of Personnel Management to develop a plan to bring more adults with disabilities into the federal workforce. Today I am proud that the President is releasing our comprehensive plan and directing federal agencies and departments to implement it immediately.

Under this plan, people with disabilities will find new opportunities -- and this country will unleash the untapped energy and creativity of millions of capable Americans. By addressing the untolerably high levels of unemployment among people with disabilites -- more than 75 percent -- we not only strengthen American families, but promote a stronger economy and ensure future prosperity.

I am proud of this administration's proven record of helping to bring new opportunities to people with disabilities, and I promise to continue fighting. I join with the President in calling on Congress to work together to pass the Work Incentives Improvement Act that will help more people with disabilities go to work and ensure that they can keep health care coverage when they do.