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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release September 30, 1999


Jose Alexandre Gusmao (Xanana), the President of the National Council for the Timorese Resistance, met with the President's National Security Advisor, Samuel R. Berger, at the White House today. Mr. Berger assured Mr. Gusmao of the President's continued commitment to the peaceful implementation of the results of the August 30 consultation. Their discussion focused on the humanitarian situation in both East and West Timor and the implementation of the referendum. The National Security Advisor reviewed ongoing U.S. efforts to provide relief and encourage protection for Timorese refugees, noting that over the past several weeks the United States has provided $20 million in aid to the relief effort, including food and other supplies, as well as support for the programs of the UNHCR, the World Food Program and the ICRC.

The United States is gravely concerned about the situation in West Timor. We continue to urge the Indonesian government and military to facilitate access to refugees in West Timor for humanitarian organizations, and to make possible their prompt return to their homes in East Timor.

The President's National Security Advisor also stressed that the United States strongly supports a continued democratic transition in Indonesia.

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