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                     Office of the Press Secretary
                        (New Orleans, Louisiana)
For Immediate Release                                September  27, 1999


I commend the hundreds of mayors and other local officials across the country who today are committing themselves to the fight against global climate change. The communities they represent understand that the threat of global warming is real. They also understand that we can begin to address this threat through actions that both help our environment and save money for taxpayers, consumers, and businesses. Today's pledge will help encourage other communities across America to do their part to meet this global challenge.

Regrettably, even as ordinary citizens, local leaders, and a growing number of leading corporations are taking action, many in Congress are ignoring the mounting evidence of global warming and thwarting common-sense efforts to address it. I urge Congress to fully fund my proposed package of investments to accelerate the deployment of clean energy technologies for the 21st century -- including the proposed Clean Air Partnership Fund, which will provide grants to state and local governments for projects that reduce both greenhouse gases and pollutants like soot, smog, and air toxics. Finally, I call on Congress to withdraw all appropriations "riders" aimed at strangling programs that save energy, save consumers and businesses money, and reduce global warming pollution.

I look forward to working with local leaders to meet this pressing environmental challenge, and I applaud their leadership and dedication.