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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release September 7, 1999

|----------------------------------------------------------------------| | | | THE REPUBLICAN TAX AND BUDGET PLAN COULD DEVASTATE FUNDING FOR |

|                  EDUCATION AND OTHER KEY PRIORITIES                  |
|                          September 7, 1999                           |
|                                                                      |


The GOP Tax and Budget Plan Would Force Drastic Cuts in Priorities Like Education, Health, Safety and the Environment.

The Republican tax bill, and the associated interest costs, would spend the entire $1 trillion non-Social Security surplus over the next 10 years. This, together with funding defense at the level requested by the President, would leave the Republicans with an impossible choice: either make nearly 50 percent cuts in essential government functions, everything from education to air traffic control to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, or divert hundreds of billions of dollars of the Social Security surpluses from promised debt reduction.

The Republican Tax and Budget Plan Could Devastate Funding for Key Education Programs for Everything from Head Start to Lifelong Learning and Dramatically Cut Programs in Each State. In the tenth year of the Republican tax and budget plan, the nation could be forced to:

For Each State the Republican Tax Proposal Would Cut Key Programs by Roughly Half. See attached table. The 2009 funding levels and per student costs maintains participation at the 1999 level for 2009 adjusting for inflation. The Republican budget and tax proposal result in a roughly 50% cut from those levels. Head Start figures reflect current services although the President has a goal of funding 1 million children on Head Start by 2002. For Class Size Reduction, 2009 funding is based on the level of funding required to implement the President's plan to hire 100,000 teachers by 2005. The Republican 2009 funding level reflects the 1999 level increased to offset inflation, then reduced by roughly 50% consistent with their budget and tax proposals.

State By State Comparisons Include These Key Programs:

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