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                     Office of the Press Secretary
                           (Auburn, New York)
For Immediate Release                                  September 2, 1999

                    Statement by the Press Secretary

President and Mrs. Clinton entered into a contract today for the purchase of a home in Chappaqua, New York. The five-bedroom house was built in 1899; it has approximately 5,232 square feet and sits on a 1.1 acre lot. The property also includes a barn that now serves as a garage.

The President and Mrs. Clinton are purchasing the home for $1,700,000 and have secured a loan commitment for $1,350,000 from Bankers Trust Company. The loan will be secured by a mortgage on the property, as well as by a guaranty from Terry McAuliffe.

The Clintons said: "We appreciate everyone who helped make our search for a new home an enjoyable experience. We particularly want to thank the homeowners, their neighbors and the real estate brokers who have been so gracious to us throughout our search."