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Office of the Vice President

For Immediate Release August 5, 1999


The recent surge in steel imports, a crisis caused in large part by unfair trade practices, has done great harm to the American steel industry, its workers, their families, and their communities. Our Administration has vigorously, swiftly, and fairly enforced our trade laws in order to halt these unfair practices, and we have also directly engaged the governments of steel-exporting countries. Through these efforts we have brought imports back to pre-crisis levels, and we will remain vigilant in those efforts.

With the plan the President announced today, our Administration is responding to the further challenges of global economic forces. Its multifaceted approach is indicative of our effort to direct a complete government wide exercise that addresses the underlying causes of this crisis. I look forward to working with representatives of the industry, the steelworkers, and government officials as we implement this plan.