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Office of the Vice President

For Immediate Release August 3, 1999

Washington, DC -- Vice President Al Gore announced today that six states will receive $102.9 million for the second year of their Welfare-to-Work programs. The funds are provided to states out of $3 billion appropriated by Congress for Welfare-to-Work in 1997.

The six states are: Alaska, $2.7 million; Kansas, $6.2 million; Illinois, $45.3 million; Indiana, $13.5 million; Minnesota, $13.5 million; and New Jersey, $21.7 million.

"While millions of people have made the move from welfare to work, there are still many who need our help," Vice President Al Gore said. "This administration is committed to helping long-term welfare recipients and non-custodial parents get the work experience and skills they need to find and keep good jobs and support their families."

"It's not just about getting a job, but keeping a job," Secretary of Labor Alexis M. Herman said. "The kind of support his funding will give our newest workers can mean the difference between success and failure. And we have to do all that we can to help move people from dependency to self-sufficiency. These grants will help do that."

The Clinton/Gore Administration's Welfare-to-Work reauthorization proposal, reflected in legislation recently introduced by Congressman Cardin and Senator Akaka, will invest an additional $1 billion to help even more long-term welfare recipients move into lasting unsubsidized employment and help more low-income fathers meet their responsibilities to their children.

These funds will be used to fund a variety of services and activities, including community service and work experience, on-the-job training, and post-employment and support services to address issues of child care, transportation and housing.

Each of the states funded today has been proactive in developing and implementing strategies to help long-term welfare recipients achieve self-sufficiency.

Under the 1997 Budget Reconciliation Act, $2.2 billion was allocated to states by formula based on their population of poor people. An additional $711.5 million is being awarded competitively by the secretary of labor to local communities for innovative projects.

Additional information about the welfare-to-work program can be found at


Grant Recipient: Department of Community and Regional Affairs

                    Division of Community and Rural Development
                    333 West 4th Avenue, Suite 220
                    Anchorage, AK  99501-2341

Contact:            Yvonne Chase, Director
                    (907) 269-4607

Amount of Grant: $2,708,771
Match Provided: $1,354,385
Total Investment in the state of Alaska: $4,063,156


Grant Recipient:     Illinois Department of Commerce and 
                     Community Affairs
                     620 East Adams Street
                     Springfield, IL 62701

Contact:             Mr. Herbert D. Dennis, 
                     Job Training Division Manager
                     (217) 785-6006 (

Amount of Grant:     $45,324,088
Match Provided:      $22,662,044

Total Investment in the State of Illinois: $67,986,132


Grant Recipient:     Indiana Workforce Development
                     Indiana Government Center South
                     10 North Senate Avenue
                     Indianapolis, Indiana

Contact:             Craig E. Hartzer
                     (317) 232-7670

Amount of Grant:     $13,578,432
Match Provided:      $6,789,216

Total Investment in the State of Indiana: $20,367,648


Grant Recipient:     Kansas Department of Human Resources
                     401 SW Topeka Boulevard
                     Topeka, Kansas   66603

Contact:             Heather M. Whitley, Director
                     (785) 296-7874

Amount of Grant:     $6,202,330
Match Provided:      $3,101,165

Total Investment in the State of Kansas: $9,303,495


Grant Recipient:     Minnesota Department of Economic Security
                     390 North Robert Street
                     St. Paul, Minnesota 55101

Contact:             Jim Korkki
                     (651) 296-6061 (

Amount of Grant:     $13,537,096
Match Provided:      $6,768,548

Total Investment in the State of Minnesota: $20,305,644


Grant Recipient: Division of Employment and Training

                    New Jersey Department of Labor
                    John Fitch Plaza
                    Trenton, New Jersey

Contact:            Connie O. Hughes, Director
                    (609) 663-0491

Amount of Grant: $21,708,979
Match Provided: $10,854,489
Total Investment in the State of New Jersey: $32,563,468

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