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                     Office of the Press Secretary
                     (Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina)
For Immediate Release                                      July 30, 1999


Promoting Democracy in Serbia

At today's Stability Pact Summit in Sarajevo, President Clinton announced that the Administration is setting aside $10 million to promote democracy in Serbia. This money will be drawn from currently available SEED ("Support for East European Democracy") assistance funds. It will be used to resume the kind of democratization programs that we had in place prior to the Kosovo conflict, including assistance to democratic opposition, non-government organizations and independent media. President Clinton further announced that the Administration will continue to work with the Congress to authorize a significant expansion in such funding over the next two years.

The commitment of $10 million in SEED funding complements other efforts already underway to promote democracy in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (FRY). These include:

Slobodan Milosevic is the one leader of southeast Europe not present at today's Summit. Instead, the Summit leaders are appealing to the people of Serbia and the FRY to embrace democratic change. We look forward to the day when the FRY has a government, which rejects the policies of the past decade and embraces democracy, human rights, the rule of law and international cooperation. Such a government can lead Serbia into Europe -- but not one headed by an indicted war criminal.