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Office of the Vice President

For Immediate Release Saturday, July 17, 1999


             (As Delivered at Southwest Voter Registration and
               Education Project Luncheon in Long Beach, CA)

     I want to begin with a moment of prayer for John Kennedy Jr., 

for his wife Carolyn, and for her sister Lauren -- we hope they are returned to us safely and soon.

John Kennedy Jr. is an extraordinary young man, at the high noon of his life, who offers the promise of contributing so much more to our country.

At the age of three, he was the most famous person in the world because with his innocent and brave young heart, he helped the nation and the world endure some of the hardest hours of our history.

He has carried his legend with enormous grace -- and with a commitment to live up to his father's legacy and his mother's love.

America could use his grace and endurance right now.