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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release July 17, 1999


Politics at its best is about ideas, ideas that lead to real advances for the American people. That is why I welcome Congressman Michael Forbes's decision to join the Democratic Party, a decision based on our shared commitment to a vigorous, innovative agenda for America's future.

Our party is inclusive and committed to a new direction for the 21st century. Today, we are fighting for the Patients' Bill of Rights; for using the surplus first to save Social Security and Medicare and provide seniors access to prescription drugs; for paying off our national debt and investing more in quality education for all our children; and for a responsible middle class tax cut. Michael Forbes has embraced these ideas. The Congressional Republicans have rejected them. We welcome him to the Democratic Party and to the fight for America's future.

Michael Forbes has changed parties because he believes it is best for his constituents, for the people of New York, and for our country. He is joining a party that welcomes independent thinking and the courage to change.

I know he made a hard choice, but it is the right choice for his constituents, for his own children, and for our nation.